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The Well

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We're Sending Our Love Down The Well

In the lab, Ward is reluctantly sitting through a medical examination. I am surprised it took the show this long to get his shirt off, but all the hype about his iron chest seems actually to have been warranted, so it's nice that something on this show has paid off. Ward gets more and more agitated with the kids hovering over and pressing him about what he remembered when he touched the staff, and he'll only say it was something he hadn't thought about in a long time before he taps into Coulson interrogating Randolph. Randolph tells Coulson he wanted to be the first person actually to study the staff, but Simmons cuts off the feed, as Ward's getting more and more worked up with every word out of the professor's mouth. Ward does try to get himself under control, but Skye doesn't help matters when she puts on a watery expression and asks if the memory was about his brother.

He cautions her to drop it, but she goes on that she's there for him, so he seethes, "Right. To talk. Because that's what you do. Talk. And talk. Don't you ever get tired of hearing your own voice?" It's not quite Jack Nicholson in The Shining, but I like this Ward. Fitz tries to intervene and almost eats one of Ward's rage fists as a result, but Simmons brightly tells him that the anger he's feeling is chemical, nothing more. Unfortunately, she uses a lot of words in aid of getting to "nothing more," so soon Ward's telling her to shut up too. She wants to give him a sedative, but he thinks if he chills out and they run into the NPHGs that it won't be good, and he goes on to ask Fitz in that case if he's going to take them on, "or am I going to have to save Simmons' ass, again?" Ooh, taking back what he said last week about Fitz being a hero. That's some good ragin'! He finally storms out, whereupon Simmons assures the group that that was just all a biochemical reaction and Fitz says, "No explanation necessary." Heh.

Back in the interrogation room, Randolph is rhapsodizing about how the gods brought the staff to Earth, but Coulson is like, "Those were aliens and I don't like them all that much, so talk." Randolph, however, claims not to know any more, so Coulson tells him to sit tight and then he leaves.

Instead of twenty-somethings who never stop flapping their collective yap, Ward is taking out his frustrations on a punching bag, but the physical activity isn't stopping more of those awful images from the well. As the desperate kids keep crying to someone at the top to help them, Ward punches harder and harder until May taps him from behind. This time, he does take a swing, but she deftly sways out of the path of his fist. He warns that she should be more careful, but she evenly tells him the last thing he needs is to be punching things, and she can help him. I don't know if she's talking about practicing Tai Chi with a side of eye rolls, but Ward doesn't bother to find out as he says he'll be helped once he stops the NPHG from hurting anyone else. And when he punches the bag a few more times, apparently.

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