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We're Sending Our Love Down The Well

Speaking of fighting, Larsen and some attendant goons walk into a Fight Club-like basement in which Nystrom is already working a crowd of idiots up into a lather about the new order and taking back their world from the gods and whatever. Then he has two dudes touch the two pieces of staff in his possession, at which point they yell like…well, Berserkers, really. I'm still not sure their stated goals are clear (do they actually plan to wage war on Asgard?) but they do seem berserk enough to get it.

Ward, doing a much better job of calming himself (maybe the shower he obviously took helped), tells Coulson that he's concerned his ability to do his job may be compromised. Coulson doesn't dismiss this out of hand, so you know it's serious. Ward goes on that, as Coulson knows, he's got a terrible family history, so he does his best not to think about his childhood ever, otherwise he'd lose his focus. Now that the staff has unlocked his worst memory -- the first time he felt hate -- and since he can't get rid of it, he doesn't trust himself. Coulson, however, tells "Grant" that coming to him like this makes him think he can in fact trust him. Unlike Randolph, who Coulson is sure is hiding something. "You've got some rage built up. Maybe it's time to let it out," he says. Coulson, that's a cute setup, but with Fists of Fury over here I'd be a little more specific.

Ward marches into the interrogation room and orders Randolph to stop lying and tell them how to fix what was done to him. Randolph, however, continues to deny any knowledge, so Ward draws a knife and swings it to stab him... only to have Randolph grab the blade and twist it into a harmless pretzel without so much as a drop of blood appearing. Coulson enters, and Ward tells him he was right about Randolph being Asgardian. Coulson then makes a lame joke about how it would have been embarrassing had he been wrong, but what's actually funny is Randolph's bored and disdainful "You got me, congraaaaats" expression. Take notes.

When we return, Randolph is casually asking Coulson how he figured him out, and Coulson babbles on about the expensive pen and how cool Randolph was under pressure and whatever. I mean, couldn't he just have just been a professional thief? In response, Randolph notes that Coulson is more observant than most. (Show, stop having your character blow smoke up Coulson's robot/ghost/clone ass. The more times you tell me what an amazing agent he is the less likely I am to believe it). Randolph begs them not to expose him as outside, the kids babble their excitement about meeting an actual Asgardian, and then May presses some controls to seal the interrogation room, which she tells them she's doing on Coulson's orders. After Ward says with a sneer that the room is designed to hold people like Randolph, Randolph sighs that he never wanted anyone to know the truth about him, but he blabbed some stories to a French girl in the 16th century, who in turn told them to her brother, a priest who ended up writing them all down.

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