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The Well

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We're Sending Our Love Down The Well

In another non-tie-in tie-in, Coulson asks Randolph if he knows Thor, like bringing up Thor's name as if he's captain of the football team and Coulson's got a man-crush and it isn't really working. Randolph says he was a mason for thousands of years until the opportunity came to serve with the Berserkers, and though he wanted to travel, he hated the rage that staff brought. "It shines a light into your dark places," he says. Outside, Simmons sniffs, "'Shines a light -- that's no explanation." (So I guess if Skye can be the audience surrogate, Simmons can be the voice of the recapper). As we see members of the NPHG poring over maps, Coulson asks Randolph to find the last piece of the staff, and when Randolph refuses, Coulson threatens to expose him. "You may not know Thor, but I do. And if I can find a way to drag you into the next film in that franchise, there will be hell to pay." Okay, I may have embellished a bit. Regardless, Randolph apparently takes the threat seriously as he tells them about an Irish monastery he liked. Coulson is like, "Near God," and Asgardians may not be deities, the bored face that accompanies Randolph' "You got it" gesture is pretty divine.

The plane comes in for a landing, and as they prep, Ward asks Randolph how long the effects from the staff will last. Randolph replies that the strength will wear off soon enough, but "that dark nasty ache in the pit of your stomach" is worse on humans. "But give it a few decades and it'll wear off, too," he adds. I can't tell whether he's being snarky or sincere, and the fact that I can't tell is tickling me no end. Ward walks off, so Skye asks Coulson if he really thinks Ward's okay to go into the field. Guess what? He does! Skye then looks to May, but May tells her she's with Coulson. In other news, did Skye lose her bracelet without any ceremony?

In the monastery, the group takes its sweet time but eventually heads upstairs to the hiding place of the last piece. But no sooner has Randolph gotten it open than does Nystrom appear and, after grandly insinuating he tortured the monks for the location, wields the last piece of the staff and stabs Nystrom straight through the heart. WHO DOES HE THINK HE IS? Ward doesn't wait to find out. Instead, he grabs the staff, absorbs its power, and then yanks the thing out of Randolph, which if not for the shock might, like, hurt? Speaking of which, Ward tackles Nystrom over the upstairs railing, and they both fall into the camera and the commercial break.

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