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The Well

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We're Sending Our Love Down The Well

Downstairs, Nystrom and Ward rage fight as Skye rushes down to help Ward and May rushes after her to stop her from getting herself killed. Upstairs, Simmons is trying to revive a dying (according to Coulson) Randolph. When she desperately points out that she's unfamiliar with Asgardian anatomy, Coulson takes charge by sticking his hand straight into Randolph's chest cavity. (I hope he used some Purell recently or there might be some ugly consequences down the road). Fitz and Simmons are appropriately taken aback, but Coulson tells them Asgardians regenerate faster than humans, so if they keep him alive long enough he may recover. It seems like a long shot, but if not, there's always Tahiti.

Ward seems to be getting the worst of the fight here, and then we see a bit more of the memory, which shows a kid at the top of the well crying. This gets him to his feet, and after a bit more rage-fu, he knocks Nystrom out. Back upstairs, Coulson apparently finds Randolph's heart. Fitz asks if he can feel a rupture, and Simmons tells him to clamp down on the heart to slow the bleeding. Downstairs, Skye (did she and May have to wait for the elevator?) appears and tells Ward to drop the staff, but then a bunch of NPHG goons enter, so Ward picks up the piece Nystrom dropped and goes to bloody town. We then see the full memory as the two kids struggle to stay afloat and call for "Grant" (who is a bit pudgy in the memory) to help them. Ward finally can't take it anymore and grabs a rope. But then the infamous elder brother appears, and unlike the actual young (Grant) Ward he's a dead ringer for the adult Ward, which could possibly symbolize how Ward has become like his brother in certain ways in his current capacity. The elder brother tells Ward it's not time for the rope yet, and if he helps the kids he'll just end up in the well too. When he walks away, Ward lowers the rope anyway, and it's a brutal enough memory as it is so I'm fine with not seeing what trouble he gets for this.

Back in the monastery, the goons are all lying dead or unconscious around him, when a distraught Ward drops the two staff pieces and collapses to the ground. Skye starts to help him up, but then Larsen appears, the third piece in hand. (I don't understand the staggered entrance here. Was she getting a manicure?) Ward shakily tries to go for the staff again, but May stops him and says "This time, let me help." I'd be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to this.

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