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At a Rosie's Desert Oasis, that idiot Jimmy from last week's closing scene and Lorelei pull in. Despite having promised to protect her, the doofus apparently sees no problem in leaving her unattended in an open convertible (he has to "grab something," like good explanation and I thought that was your plan with her) surrounded by an entire biker gang. I mean, not that she needs his feeble "protection," but still. When Jimmy is gone, Lorelei inquisitively gets out of the car, whereupon a good-looking, scruffy alpha type we'll learn is named "Rooster" (the gang is called "Dogs Of Hell") saunters over and tells her she could have any man she wants, so why settle for "that little dude"? He has a point, and when Lorelei sees one of the hogs in action and learns that Rooster is the leader of all the men surrounding them, she reaches a hand forward and informs Rooster that he and his men now serve her. Jimmy then comes back and complains that Lorelei promised him they'd be together forever, but she corrects him: "I said we'd be together 'til the end. It is the end." With that, she back-chops him several yards so he hits and flips over the car, likely killing him, and even in his hypnotized state Rooster realizes this is a bit out of the ordinary, so he asks who she is. She tells him her name, but that's apparently all the explanation he requires, so when she smiles for him to introduce her to all her men, it doesn't seem like there's going to be any argument. And if there is, maybe he now knows to give her a little space? Title card.

The plane is on the ground outside what I'd imagine is a S.H.I.E.L.D. hangar, and, still in her medical box, Skye is conscious and starts to get out of bed when Simmons comes clucking at her like a mother hen. Apparently this is not the first time Simmons has caught the naughty patient trying to escape, which just goes to show that if you're going to do it, it's best to have a buddy like Marty from True Detective to assist you. Skye tries to point out how much better she's doing, but Simmons brushes off her protests before taking a blood sample. Skye offhandedly comments how many times she's done so before telling Simmons that despite any deficiencies in her bedside manner, she's grateful to her. "I hope you know that." Simmons tries to say she didn't do it alone, but Skye's like still though, and then a smiling Ward comes in to hear Skye attempt a British accent in telling him she's under house arrest. Simmons takes this as the act of aggression it surely is and leaves the room, whereupon Skye supposes she must look terrible and Ward tells her how great it is to see her better. She casts her eyes down as she recalls how stupid she was to face Quinn alone, but he points out the good in what she did, which was to alert all of S.H.I.E.L.D. that Peterson is still alive. He adds that Garrett is looking into Peterson along with the Deathlok program, prompting Skye to sadly recall that Peterson wouldn't even look at her. She thinks he needs help, but Ward reckons he doesn't deserve it given that he declined to protect Skye from Quinn. "He let this happen to you. And I'll never forgive that." Think Ward will have any reason to view people being controlled against their will with more sympathy by the end of the episode? Only one way to find out! Skye sensibly points out that whatever the case with Peterson may be, it would behoove her to be able to protect herself better, and Ward smiles that they'll ease her back into it, but Skye says no -- she wants to train harder. "Next time I don't want to depend on some miracle drug to save me." Good thinking, given that it's no longer -- and forgive me for this, nameless blue alien -- on tap.

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