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Ward tells May he's sorry…and then pulls the trigger. However, it turns out May took Sif's warning to heart. Somehow during the fight, she removed the gun's clip. Ward then grabs his head for a moment and then drops his gun to the floor, and Sif marches Lorelei in and Ward assures May he's back to normal, which doesn't stop her from clocking him in the face. I doubt even Ward can begrudge her that after he seriously just tried to splatter her brains all over the floor.

Later, with Lorelei now shackled as well as masked, Sif apologizes to Coulson and May to the damage to their "flying boat," but May assures her it's seen worse. Sif promises that Lorelei will be severely punished, and Coulson echoes Lorelei herself in guessing that it must have been hard for Sif not to kill her. Sif explains that Odin ordered her back alive, and as one of his warriors, "much like your S.H.I.E.L.D., we are bound by our code." Of course, Odin at this point is actually Loki, to the best of our knowledge, so make of that what you will. She tells them it was an honor before marching Lorelei away, whereupon May says she'll run diagnostics on the plane, but Coulson stops her to ask how she's holding up, brushing aside her flippant reply to say she should talk to Ward. May, however, replies that Coulson might want to take a measure of his own advice. He's been keeping a secret since the Guest House, and if he won't tell her about it, he should at least let Skye in on why he flipped out about the drug that's now in both of them. Aw, May, so nice of you to help people with their feelings with no ulterior motive in sight!

In the cockpit, Ward is waiting for May, and he tries to apologize for hurting her, but she replies that that was never a risk with her. She then gets good use out of that "heart of ice" description by being like "and you're still here because," and Ward reluctantly gets up to go, but she does note that if Lorelei was telling the truth, "you were more honest with her than you are with yourself." I'm pretty sure I know who she's talking about, but I refuse to deal with it until I absolutely have to, and possibly not even then. Coulson comes in to see the kids, and after Fitz and his shiner say they forgive Coulson, he asks for a moment with Skye. When Fitz and Simmons are gone, Coulson, after hemming and hawing his way through a preamble, tells Skye about the alien, and Skye is shocked. But she points out that he saved her life, and she'd actually rather be alive and dealing with whatever's inside her than, you know, dead. Coulson, mad that she isn't mad, barks that they're "completely in the dark on this," but she evenly counters that the dark is where they live. She's an 0-8-4, in case he's forgotten. "At least we're in the dark together." Coulson's anger ebbs as he agrees that that's true, but he vows that no matter how many protocols he has to break, the two of them (just them, mind, not the rest of the team, for their own protection) are going after some answers. Skye nods and asks "AC" who they chase first, so he gestures to the spot she got shot and tells her it'll be the person responsible. "And we make him pay." I guess he's talking about the Clairvoyant, but we'll find out…well, not this month, according to the schedule, but soon enough, I guess.

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Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.




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