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In the lab, Simmons lets Fitz know that Skye's getting suspicious about the blood, and when Fitz is like, what do you expect when you've drawn enough to open your own bank, Simmons counters that even still, she hasn't made any headway finding traces of the drug in either her blood or Coulson's. Simmons, I'm all for thoroughness, but Skye's still recovering, as you yourself said. She can actually use the blood, I think. I suppose the point is that Skye's healing at "an exponential rate," so she's convinced there should be something irregular to detect. But she can't find it, and Coulson won't allow her to send the blood samples to HQ. I'm really not following her argument here. Obviously Fury knows about the drug and hasn't seen fit to tell the rest of S.H.I.E.L.D. Is she suggesting her team override that decision, letting it be known to everyone that they violated their clearance level to boot? I have no problem with her thinking the drug maybe should be widely available given the limited information she has, but Simmons, you're a scientist; have you thought the whole thing through?

Someone who is perhaps seeing the problem with widespread dissemination is Coulson, who flashes back to the disturbing images that have been on his mind recently before we see he's sitting in Lola in a parking garage. Another vehicle then comes rolling up and parks next to him, and the device of two cars facing in opposite directions so the drivers can have a clandestine conversation is rendered slightly ridiculous by several factors, the biggest being that Coulson is in a convertible. The driver of the other car is Sitwell (you remember, he of the business end of Simmons' night-night gun) who pretty quickly gets down to business and tells Coulson that he doesn't know where Fury is. At Coulson's mildly surprised look, Sitwell tells him he's been making "a lot of noise" lately, but Fury will only be found when he wants to be found, and while that's horseshit, I suppose it's not worth dwelling on Samuel L. Jackson's availability for this show. Anyway, Sitwell has nothing of value to offer, and when he asks how Tahiti was, Coulson lets us know how broken the spell is: "It sucked." Bye, Sitwell. See you for The Winter Soldier, I'd reckon from this little reminder you exist.

May tells the team minus Coulson that they have new orders. Big S.H.I.E.L.D. is detecting massive energy readings over the California/Nevada border, and they're being sent to investigate. After Ward unhappily points out that this is two days straight that Coulson has been taking personal time, Simmons announces that the energy signature is consistent with the arrival of an Asgardian, and Fitz asks, "Thor?" I'm giving the show a break here, so I'll thank it not to insult my intelligence. Fitz thinks it'll be okay, since Asgardians are their allies, but Ward points out, "Loki wasn't." Poor taste to bring up the guy who literally broke Coulson's heart, Ward!

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Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.




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