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It's A Thor Tie-In!

In the desert, May drives the lead vehicle of a convoy of S.H.I.E.L.D. cars, and from the back seat, Fitz reports that they're nearing the location. Ward then asks May if Coulson has talked to her about why he freaked out over the injection they gave Skye, and I have sympathy for May's "you're asking me this now" expression, but she replies that he's keeping it to himself. Fitz then reports a massive energy surge, and moments later, a familiar rainbow of energy hits the road directly ahead of them. The cars pull to a halt as the light dissipates to reveal Sif, and I like the character and her archetype, I've always enjoyed Jaimie Alexander right from her first appearance in a very early episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and to be honest this is probably about as good a get from the Thor-verse as is reasonable to expect, so kudos to the show for finally delivering on an actual tie-in about which people can reasonably be excited. None of the team are familiar with Sif by sight, which seems ridiculous (it's not like there are that many more important Asgardians to keep track of, and Fitz and Simmons at least love homework) but Fitz runs facial-recognition software to determine that Sif is "a friendly," and the S.H.I.E.L.D. logo on the cars is enough for her to make a similar determination. She strides forward: "I am Lady Sif, of Asgard. Your world is in grave danger." Less so now that she's here!

From above, Coulson watches Sif enter the plane's body as he tells May she's a warrior and recounts how she climbed a giant metal killing machine (referring to the Destroyer back in Thor) and speared it with her double-bladed sword. "It was pretty badass." May asks if Coulson is up to the mission: "Whatever's bothering you, I'm here." Coulson tells her he knows, and the two of them head into the lab. But when Sif sees him, her hand goes to her sword as she asks what dark magic is responsible for this, as Thor told her he died at Loki's hand. Coulson explains that S.H.I.E.L.D. had a few tricks for the trickster, and Sif replies that Thor will be pleased, as he considers Coulson a friend, but Coulson asks if he can be the one to tell the god himself. I'm not sure if Coulson's request should be taken at face value or if he wants to continue to keep the Avengers in the dark about his return. If it's the latter, it's fairly risky for him to reveal himself to Sif, but I suppose he can count on her word as much as anyone's. Coulson changes the subject to the task at hand, and Sif explains that 600 years ago, Lorelei wreaked havoc across the Nine Realms -- she used her abilities to command armies and bring down kings and empires. Ward asks if her power is strength or speed, but Sif calls it "sorcery" (she can bend the wills of men to her purpose. May asks if it's only men she can control, and Sif confirms that women are immune) "men have an inherent weakness we do not share." May gives her a "you got that right, sister" look (I'd imagine she'd go up top if she thought Sif was familiar with the custom) and despite Fitz and Ward acting vaguely offended, Sif goes on that even the sound of Lorelei's voice is enough to ensnare most dudes, and for those few strong enough to resist that, her touch will overwhelm. Coulson asks how she can be stopped, so Sif produces an ornate gold collar she says has the power to prevent Lorelei from speaking, and yes, I would like to bulk-order a shipment, thanks! Sif goes on that Lorelei wore one like it for all these centuries until she escaped in the invasion of their prisons by the Dark Elves; she then used one of Loki's secret pathways to make her way to Earth. Sif concludes by informing them that the Bifrost sent her to Lorelei's last known location, and Coulson notes that there aren't a whole lot of towns out that way, so he instructs the team to look for unusual activity within a radius of a few hundred miles. "If this woman's used to ruling over empires, she's gonna be hard to please." I like the straightforward call and response; it's a welcome change from forced irony!

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