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Because, we see, Lorelei is displeased, specifically about having been brought "paper" rather than gold. Rooster, however, explains the concept of money, and when Lorelei less heatedly wonders who "this ugly woman" on the bill is, he explains it's "Uh, Ben Franklin." Hee. I mean, it's cheap, but I can believe it's a question an alien would ask. Rooster explains that Ben Franklin "used to be President," and I don't know if he's displaying his ignorance or just simplifying for his audience, but when she asks if women can rule his land, he admits she'd be the first. Lorelei: "Yes. I will." Woman's got goals. Just then, an irate woman comes bursting in and asks "Dwayne," which is apparently Rooster's real name, why he hasn't responded to her texts, and as Lorelei amusingly models a tiara someone thoughtfully stole for her, Rooster explains he just turned off his cell, since the noise was bothering Lorelei. The woman realizes that Lorelei is wearing her clothes, and when Rooster admits that she's his wife, Lorelei asks a now-familiar question: "Do you prefer her to me?" Rooster is like, not even close, and believe it or not his wife takes exception to that and tells everyone to clear out of her bar. In response to her loud demands, Lorelei tells Rooster to take care of the noise, so Rooster chokes his wife while apologizing, "but you're makin' too much noise." We hear her fall to the ground, and it's not clear from what we see and hear if he actually killed her or just choked her into unconsciousness, but the point is probably that he would have killed her. Looks like the woman who got stranded last episode at the finest motel in Death Valley got off easy.

Coulson is starting to explain to Sif how to use the tabletop interface, but she easily starts in with it: "I'm familiar. It's an antiquated system we and other realms had ages ago." Hee. It's hilarious to see Coulson deflate upon realizing that S.H.I.E.L.D. isn't the gold standard of technology for the entire universe. He quickly recovers, though, to seize on the fact that Sif has been to other realms. Has she happened to come across any blue species? Not seeming fazed by the question, she tells him of course -- there are Interdites, Levians, Pheragots, Kree, Sarks, Centaurians -- and of course the Frost Giants, who tried to conquer Earth a millennium ago until the Asgardians drove them away. Coulson asks if any of the others have been to Earth recently, and this causes Sif to fix him with a look, but apparently she concludes that "Phillip, son of Coul" is just worried about the safety of his home planet and assures him that none of the others have ever made the trip. Sif then comes up with a couple robbery reports and gets concerned at how quickly her enemy appears to be amassing men and resources: "Lorelei is building an army." Looks like!

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Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.




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