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It's A Thor Tie-In!

Inside, Sif enters, and after some threatening words on both sides, including Lorelei reminding Sif, "I've bested you before," Lorelei orders her minions to attack. None of them individually are the slightest match for Sif, of course, but the sheer number of them keeps her busy long enough that Lorelei has time to start backing away. Around back, Ward is able to handle a sneak attack from Rooster. But when he knocks him out, we see Lorelei observing from the roof, although this particular effect is cheap-shit as hell. They look like they're in such different frames I thought for a second she'd returned to Asgard. However, "she" drops down and starts talking, and although Ward is able to resist her voice, he does allow her to touch him without resistance. I suppose you could argue that his defenses were worn down by the voice already, but given that he had the presence of mind to call for backup you'd think he could actually have backed up. Regardless, we cut to the two of them on one of the (probably Rooster's) hogs as Lorelei kittens for him to take her "someplace grand," and he smiles that he knows exactly what will fit the bill. I'd make a joke, but it's actually where they go!

Cut to Sif punching the wall of the plane's interrogation room in frustration – it's not just that Lorelei got away, but that the collar was damaged, so unless they can kill her there's no way to break her enchantments. Coulson, however, takes the device and tells her to let him worry about that, "and try not to punch a hole in my airplane." I don't know, Coulson, damage to your plane seems to be the only reliable way to get Fury out of hiding.

Coulson is briefing the kids, and Skye asks if Ward is now "like a pod person." Coulson says no, he won't forget who he is or what he knows, but he also won't care because Lorelei will have become the embodiment of all his desires. He then asks Fitz if he might be able to repair the collar, and after Fitz bounds off to give it a try, Skye demands she be allowed to make herself useful. Coulson tells her Ward has "drop boxes and storage lockers" all over the world full of stuff like weapons and IDs and other resources he'll use to try to keep Lorelei off the radar. "You're the best radar we have. Find them." He marches out, but Simmons chases him to plead her idea about sending Skye's blood to HQ again, some more, and Coulson tells her no once more, but she barks at his back that that's unacceptable. He looks legit pissed now, and he doesn't even let her finish about her duty to try to save people before launching this counterattack: "Two men laid down their lives in a compound rigged with explosives to keep this drug hidden. We still don't know why. Until we do, until we speak with Fury and get some answers, that drug and its mysteries stay in-house." I mean, I'm sure the show wants us to see both sides here, but Simmons, I think you're out of your admittedly genius mind.

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Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.




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