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Ha, we cut to a shot of the "Eiffel Tower," but when we pan down we see it's not Paris but the Paris -- Ward and Lorelei are in Vegas. Their selection for lodging is actually Caesars Palace, and when Lorelei sees the large statues in the lobby, she gives Ward a "good choice" look that's pretty hilarious. As they walk through the casino, she gives credit where it's due by telling him she's fortunate to have found him. He, however, is in his right mind enough to reply that he knows she doesn't value him any more than she did the bikers, but he also doesn't care. She asks if that's because of what he feels, and he replies that he felt something once for someone on his team, but that seems foolish now. "I would die for you. Any man would." Any man has! Lorelei, however, tells him she only wants him, and she seems to mean it as far as she's able as she goes on that he's "a real man with the rage of a Berserker inside." Callback! She tells him that in exchange for presenting her with an army, she'll give him a gift and, from the ensuing montage of them christening the suite, not necessarily in that order?

Afterward, with both of them not extremely clothed, Lorelei, admiring the view, admits that when she arrived, she thought Earth "left much to be desired," but from her current position she thinks it's beautiful. Hey, it's Vegas! You'll be desperate to leave after three days, but it's great for now. Also, as she points out, the dark and cold cell in which she spent six centuries might be influencing her standard of comparison. As Ward comes over to hold her from behind, he tells her she won't have to go back, but she points out that Sif is after her and that she'll be relentless. Ward thinks in that case they need to eliminate the threat, bit Lorelei cautions him: "The graves of Asgard's enemies are littered with men who underestimated Sif." Despite her bravado face-to-face, I'm glad she takes Sif seriously; it makes me respect her intelligence. She adds that he doesn't know Sif, which he admits, but he counters that the people she's now working with? "I know them." Some better than others!

Speaking of, May comes into the interrogation room to find Sif sharpening her sword and asks if she might try it; Sif wordlessly hands the double-bladed weapon over and admires the practiced way May twirls it around. May admits she has experience with swords, although she prefers to use her hands, which Sif finds admirable but warns May that Lorelei is no slouch when it comes to combat. May wonders, then, why she bothers to have men fight for her, so Sif speculates that it gives her a thrill, "especially if the man is already taken." Plus, even a great warrior needs the help of an army to take an empire, so "she attaches herself to the strongest warrior she can find, and then unleashes a swath of blood and destruction." May grimly tells Sif that Ward is lethal and one of their best, and Sif nods in understanding before telling May she's been where she is -- "a man I cared for, under her spell. So enchanted, forsook his family, his friends…me. Steel yourself to do what might be necessary." May denies that Ward is hers in that way, but Sif tells her that whatever the case, he's not the man she knew. "He will not hesitate to kill you." May, however, smiles that Ward won't kill her, and when Sif starts to renew her warnings, May clarifies that he may well try to kill her, but he won't succeed. Sif smiles at the kindred spirit she's found, but then Coulson comes in and tells them they've picked their quarry up. Cut to Sif kicking in a door at Caesars -- that one's going to show up on a S.H.I.E.L.D. expense report, I'd bet. But even before the team finishes examining the room, it's pretty clear that Ward and Lorelei are long gone. Not gone, however, is the messy bed that's evidence of their assignation, and as May's eyes linger on it, Coulson reminds her she said her relations with Ward wouldn't be a problem, "but I also know you wouldn't tell me if it was," to which May replies by calling Fitz and telling him to track every camera in Vegas. Good talk!

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