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When they get back, Fitz reports no sign of them on any cameras, and Coulson remarks that Ward knows to avoid them which makes it A LITTLE SUSPICIOUS THAT HE GOT SO CARELESS THAT ONE TIME, NO? Fitz does say that he fixed Lorelei's collar, and when Sif asks to inspect it just in case, he tells her it's in her room. Coulson then asks May where she'd go if she were in Ward's shoes, while in the interrogation room/guest quarters, Sif looks at the collar and tells Fitz he really is quite clever -- at which point he locks her in. Okay, it's a fine reveal, but since everyone's making such a big deal about the collar, wouldn't Fitz think to break it again now that he's under Lorelei's spell? It's a bothersome detail, and I don't know that the collar was necessary from a story perspective to trap Sif. I mean, I could forgive it if it were possible that Fitz forgot about it after he fixed it, but having him present it to Sif kind of reduces the credibility there. Sif stabs her sword through the mattress in frustration (not the way to get invited back, Sif) and then starts banging on the door, which makes a loud enough noise that Coulson and May hear it. May sighs in realization: "If I was Ward, I wouldn't run. I'd take out my main threat." The subjunctive? In the cockpit, Ward and Lorelei get the plane into the air, and Simmons and Skye are all WTF, but Simmons quickly finds that they're locked into Skye's medical box. Elsewhere, Coulson finds Fitz, who says he's standing guard so Sif won't get out and hurt Lorelei, so apparently he's assuming that as a man, Coulson is also under Lorelei's spell. I'm not sure when he thinks Lorelei got the chance to touch Coulson, but supposing Coulson should be affected, it's interesting to wonder why he isn't. Coulson plays along with Fitz's wide-eyed infatuation with Lorelei, who, speaking of, is just now accosting May, and I have to say it's refreshing that May's steel and can-do attitude are not enough to stop Lorelei from absolutely bashing her in the face and sending her flying across the room. And it's not that I'm not rooting for the S.H.I.E.L.D. team, but Lorelei's amused little smile is also fairly enjoyable. She's hot, super-strong, and in possession of tons of men at her beck and call. It'd be criminal if she weren't enjoying herself!

In the cockpit, Ward hits the controls to open the airlock atop the cage, and the collar almost gets sucked out, but Sif grabs it on its way up. However, she quickly ends up flying out herself. I guess it's just as well she left the sword, since two items to keep track of in her current situation would be positively unmanageable.

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Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.




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