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May slowly gets back to her feet as Ward enters the room and Lorelei says she's going to retrieve Sif's sword. In a satisfied voice, Ward tells May this was the plan: get rid of Sif, take over the plane, and eliminate anyone in their way. May tries to get through to him, prompting Lorelei to ask if this is "the beautiful warrior with a heart of ice," and May looks a little thrown to hear herself thus described, although the kiss Lorelei subsequently plants on Ward surely doesn't help. Lorelei then announces that Ward's heart is one with hers now, and when May tries to save some face by saying there's no need to make it about them, Lorelei, with feigned sympathy, replies that he told her who he desired before she came along. "But, my dear, it wasn't you." That's a fairly sick burn, I must admit, and Lorelei doesn't bother adding any more physical injury to the insult; instead, she saunters off to let Ward deal with May. He levels his gun at her, but I have to think even under Lorelei's spell he's got more professional pride than that.

Coulson sneaks into the med-cube, and Simmons tries to bonk him on the head with a fire extinguisher, but he wards her off and agitatedly tells her he's in his right mind. Again, is no one going to ask why? Doesn't that seem potentially significant? Anyway, Coulson gets the bad news that Sif was sucked out of the aircraft, but he's like, this is an Asgardian goddess we're dealing with and you can bet she found a way to hang on. He then tells Skye to unlock the airlock again while he shepherds Simmons away, and when we cut to the top of the plane, sure enough, Sif is managing to hold on not just to the plane but to the collar as well. Down below, Fitz gets no love from Lorelei as she passes, but her face does display both pleasure and wonder when she regards Sif's sword. She pulls it out of the bed and smiles. Then Sif closes the door, behind which she'd been hiding. Apparently Skye succeeded in getting the airlock open. Lorelei brandishes the sword and tells Sif to return to Asgard, but Sif is like, good one! As Fitz realizes he's lost control of the computer system, Lorelei pleads her case by saying that on Earth she won't pose a threat to Asgard, but Sif sternly replies that she has orders to bring her back, prompting Lorelei to scornfully say that Sif is still following other people, "never to get what you desire." She goes on that Thor considers her more a pet than a woman, and those, you might expect, are fighting words. After a brief melee (and I'm amused to see Lorelei is still wearing a biker shirt) they each find themselves with half the sword, while Simmons runs into Fitz, prompting him to cry out, distracting Ward long enough that May can knock the gun out of his hand. From here, there's some quick inter-cutting: The fight between Sif and Lorelei is marred by crappy effects work and the tight space; the Ward/May fight is much better choreographed; Simmons lures Fitz near the lab, whereupon Coulson decks him and Simmons sympathetically notes, "He's always getting knocked out, isn't he?" Heh. May and Ward are really kicking each other's ass, even flying in tandem through the plate-glass window in the middle of the room, but Ward eventually gets the drop on May as Sif stands triumphantly over Lorelei. Lorelei tells Sif to kill her, as she'd rather that than go back to "that place," but Sif, with a trace of amusement, says she won't get off that easy. Lorelei tries to say it's what Sif wants, and starts to talk about how the man Sif loved followed her around like a dog. But Sif snaps the collar onto her neck, which expands into what looks like the lower half of a hockey mask and cuts Lorelei's speech off immediately, whereupon Sif dryly asks, "You were saying?" I would also have accepted a joke about getting the last word, but hers is funnier.

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