The Confession

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The Confession

Previously: Jack gets sent to Cuba to track down Inini Hassan, but ends up getting captured. Sydney goes to rescue him and bungles everything, getting captured, too. Hassan's new face looks weirdly like Saddam Hussein, but with a facelift. Hassan tells Jack to kill the captured Sydney to prove that he actually is an SD-6 agent.

Patio Of Potential Greek Tragedy. Jack's holding a gun on Sydney, surrounded by guards. Hassan watches him intently. There's a really nasty wound on Jack's face that looks like a pair of lips. Yech. Jack trains the gun on Sydney more accurately. He starts blinking a lot. Camera cuts to Sydney, who stares back at him.

Jack says that shooting "this agent" proves nothing, but Hassan says it'll prove he's really working against SD-6. Jack keeps blinking very fixedly. Hassan says if Jack doesn't kill her, he'll kill them both. Jack whips the gun to one side and starts shooting as Sydney kicks the other guard. Jack leaps to his feet and tells Hassan to put his hands in the air. Unfortunately, he doesn't continue with, "And wave 'em like you just don't care."

Sydney says it took her a second to figure out what he was doing. Apparently Jack's blinks were Morse code, and for a second Sydney thought he was saying "hard on your light," when it was really "guard on your right." ["In case anyone cares…not bloody likely. You could conceivably confuse 'right' and 'light,' but not 'hard' and 'guard,' since the letter H is four dots and G is dash-dash-dot, plus the extra letter U in the word 'guard'…the joke works phonetically, but Morse code isn't phonetic. I know it doesn't really matter, but that's a stupid error the writers could have avoided with seventeen seconds of research. ANY-way." -- Sars] Sydney uncuffs Jack's hands, and Jack orders Hassan to have his guards meet out back so they can leave out front, and that they're fluent in Arabic, so not to try anything. Hassan says something in Arabic, and Jack replies in the same language. Hassan gives the order as the Alias disco mega-mix starts up and all the guards start running. Jack and Sydney load Hassan into a classic African dictator car -- i.e. a shiny black Mercedes sedan.

Mountain road. Hassan asks what's going to happen. Jack says the plan isn't changing, and that they're going to take his client list and make it look like he's dead. Hassan laughs and says he doesn't care who they work for, as long as they let him go.

Hassan lies on the floor, an enormous wound on his white shirt. Jack snaps some photos. The title reads, "CIA Safehouse -- Havana." Jack orders him to get up. Hassan grumbles that they ruined his expensive shirt. Jack demands his client list. Hassan opens his tiny handheld computer and calls up a list and hands it to Jack.

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