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Finale Part II: The Girl or Girl Who Becomes America’s Next Top Model

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The end is nigh! Yes, the 20th cycle of America's Next Top Model is coming to a close, and dudes have been involved this time. There is a fiery runway coming up, and Tyra asks who we're rooting for to win some of the biggest prizes in the show's history. Will it be Marvin, the Latin Bronx flirt with chiseled cheekbones and an expired condom who has found his stride in photos and romance with Renee? Or is it Jourdan, the insecure country cutie whose passion for modeling has made her unstoppable and an annoyance to everyone lo these last weeks? Or perhaps Cory, a hero for our time who is determined to show the world that androgyny is beautiful? Yes, it's Cory! Of course it's Cory. And you put him in this final three just to play with our emotions, didn't you Tyra?

If you'll recall, last week the judges held an impromptu elimination right before the final three were set to take the runway. Their rankings were based solely on the Guess photos, and there were positive and negative comments about each. Tyra tells our final three that the judges have already scored the photos, as has social media. The results are in. Cory already looks defeated, before Tyra says that she only has two photos in her hands. And you know what those two photos represent. The first model who's still in the running is…Jourdan. She got an 8 from Kelly and 9's from Tyra and Rob, along with a fan vote of 6. That’s 32 points total. And then we see the respective scores for Marvin and Cory. Marvin got a 7 from Kelly and 8's from Rob and Tyra, along with a fan vote of 4.5. That's 27.5 points overall. And dear, sweet, lovable Cory got a 10 from Tyra, 7 from Rob, and a freaking FIVE from Kelly, along with a fan vote of 4.6. That's 26.6 points, which means that he's been eliminated. Marvin's catwalk crew is obviously happy for him, though Marvin acts appropriately somber as he gives Cory an awkward hug.

A tearful Cory interviews that he feels hopeless, and that there's nothing he can do except model his ass off. Tyra hugs Cory, and tells him that even coming this far is still huge for him. Then she goes, "LGBT, holla holla holla! Hero." What is she even TALKING about? Cory is happy that he gets to be himself out on the runway and not have to take on the role of a dude-man. And he's also happy that he showed people that you can be a queen AND be on America's Next Top Model. I didn't realize that was a barrier that had to be overcome in the post-Jays era, but okay. Tyra tells Cory that he will still be walking in the fashion show, before going on to regale the models with the story about how once when she was about to walk the runway for Versace in Paris, she was cancelled (already in full hair and makeup) 15 minutes before the show was to begin. Yes, Tyra eliminated Cory in this horrible way just so she could once again let us know that Naomi Campbell was mean to her. We got it! Anyway, resilience, blah blah blah.

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