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Finale Part II: The Girl or Girl Who Becomes America’s Next Top Model

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Boring is the New Black

Marvin and Jourdan give some competitive interviews, and then it's time for Tyra to introduce the runway show at Taman Bhagawan, which means "beautiful garden of good fortune." It will be a good fortune, she says, for one of their models. And with that it's time to get this sizzling show started…with fire twirlers! Audience members are holding up various signs that were obviously written by production assistants on the show, since they say things like, "186 countries!" in English. Some of them actually have glitter on them, because if fashion is about one thing it's arts and crafts. The winner of Cycle 21 gets a full-color spread in the Michael's mailer!

But wait, it's not ACTUALLY time for the show to begin. Rather, Johnny brings Cycle 19 winner Laura James backstage. She'll be walking in the show, too, and tells the models that she knows just how they feel. Her profound piece of advice to our finalists is to be fierce and smize. How transformative! How insightful! Johnny reminds everyone that tonight is also all about theatrics, since they'll be recreating on the runway that awful video that they made. He tells them to stay in character, which is bad news for Cory. Further bad news, I should say. Laura talks to Cory, who is crying in the corner, and is kind as she tells him that he'll be amazing. He wishes that he could have had some time to process his elimination alone, but Laura hugs him and tells him that he's going to work it SO hard that the judges will wonder what they've done. Johnny's final piece of advice to the contestants is not to fall. And if they do fall, they should fall beautifully. God, I really hoped this meant that someone would fall. Jourdan talks a little about how this is what she was born to do, and we hear the call that it's one minute until show time.

And then there's yet ANOTHER introduction by Tyra, who tells the audience that the models will stomp to the death whilst wearing fashions by Tex Saverio and someone whose name sounds like Louie Salawagi, but since we never actually get captions of these names I can't confirm it. We see Tyra run to her seat in the audience, and for some reason she's dressed in a completely different outfit. Maybe Bali chooses your wardrobe, too? Marvin and Jourdan both talk some smack about each other, and then we go back to Tyra. She says that during her time in Bali, she got to understand (I'm sure not reductively AT ALL) how the culture revolves around good and evil. That's where our story begins. With good Tyra Banks and evil Naomi Campbell!

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