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Finale Part II: The Girl or Girl Who Becomes America’s Next Top Model

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And then there was the second walk, in which their little scene was enacted. The panel re-watches Jourdan kissing Marvin. Tyra found Marvin's reaction awkward but also kind of liked it, since it was more or less in character. His walk was strong, sexy and beautiful, according to Tyra, and he really connected with the audience. Jourdan, meanwhile, was "the autumnal queen of effervescence, eternal, divine sun" according to Kelly, who adds that her legs looked sexy and amazing and even able to sell tube socks. Tyra says that everything that Jourdan did was flawless, until she got to the point where she was photographing a knocked-over Cory. In that moment, she forgot that she was modeling.

Then there is a review of Flixels past. During nail week, Jourdan rocked it but Tyra took two points off for having no neck. That shot was her highest social media score, and it was Marvin's as well. Tyra thought that Marvin looked like a male supermodel in his nail shot, who didn't get out of bed for less than $10,000 a day. During the shoot when they were doused with paint, Jourdan was splashed with sunrise smize and didn't even realize it. Kelly thought the shot was beautiful, and Rob agrees that everything about the shot was good. Marvin's paint shot, however, got mixed reviews. Then, much to Marvin's chagrin, they review that shot in which they laid in the grass with books all around them. Marvin looked like Howdy Doody, and Jourdan didn't do such a bang-up job either. Then there was the rice paddy photo. Jourdan's photo had a stunning pose, but Rob argued that it wasn't appropriate for the context. Kelly gets frustrated again about the trend in modeling in which you're not supposed to look like a model, but Tyra says that she finally sees what Rob is saying despite thinking he was just being a hater at first. Rob suggests trying to meld into the environment and be natural when it is called for. Marvin, meanwhile, can speak to a lot of different audiences, according to Tyra. Caucasians! Latinos! Asians! Marvin is everybody's brother. Plus, according to Kelly, he's super-sexy.

There was also the Guess campaign, in which Rob thought Jourdan could pass for an actual Guess model. Kelly points out that you don't just want to be a girl who passes, but the model who makes the most money for the brand. This photo wasn't one of Jourdan's best for social media, reports Bryan. Marvin's Guess photo was handsome, but young. Kelly doesn't think it's sexy enough to get an older audience. Finally, we get to see the photos that Tyra took of them during this episode. Kelly thinks Jourdan looks like a flag flying super high, I guess because of the wind. Rob agrees, saying that Jourdan has come very far from when she first started. Tyra loved shooting Jourdan, and says that she never stopped modeling. Marvin's photo gets raves for Tyra the photographer, and Rob says that his body looks much better with the shading. Kelly congratulates Marvin, saying that it takes a lot to pose in the way he is in this photo. He's been transformed, and Kelly says that it's been a pleasure to watch his progress. Tyra tells the models that it's time for the judges to deliberate and talk about Jourdan and Marvin as models AND as human beings. Wait…they're human beings?

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