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Finale Part II: The Girl or Girl Who Becomes America’s Next Top Model

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Boring is the New Black

We get to see the judges' deliberation, which starts with Bryan. He says that Marvin has cheekbones for days, and what social media loves about him is that he appeals to so many cultures and backgrounds. He specifically mentions Marvin's strong Latino and gay fan bases. Kelly calls Marvin fresh-faced, and says that she would cast him. He's charming and has great energy, and Tyra says that on set he's a doll. Rob can see Marvin working, purely based on his drive, which seems to be greater than Jourdan. Kelly says that Jourdan isn't going to be a rabble-rouser, but when she walks into a room she looks like a model. Rob notes that he knows beautiful models who don't work as much as they could…because they're dull. Tyra interrupts to say that she was as boring as hell on set. But then she was all boom-boom-boom when she got in front of the camera. The client wants a great model, says Kelly, and they don't care so much about personality. It's all about nailing the shot, and all about the money, and Jourdan takes amazing pictures. Tyra wonders if Jourdan looks specific enough, and Bryan says that she looks expensive, and like a beautiful canvas. However, Tyra seems to think that she doesn't have a signature that makes her stand out. Kelly contends that if she worked with the right makeup artists and photographers, she could kill it.

The judges argue about who is better for Nylon, and then they review the Guess shots and who would be best in a campaign. Rob wants Marvin to get the campaign, saying that for males it's hard enough to get exclusive contracts. Kelly argues that Guess is super powerful in the women's industry and rules the denim world. As a marketing and PR person, she says, she wants Marvin. He's going to open it up and could bring a whole new level of profitability to the company. Bryan, however, thinks that Jourdan represents the ultimate Guess girl, and provides an aspirational image to people around the world. Tyra points out that Jourdan has very few people on her catwalk crew, and wonders if that in some way is representative of the fans. Bryan thinks that it does, despite being a staunch Jourdan supporter.

Our two finalists stand before Tyra, who says, "We're nervous, aren't we?" Because she is the Queen of Danger Love. In any case, the judges have scored Marvin and Jourdan's entire body of work throughout the cycle -- there's no challenge and no social media score that will count here. So who's America's Next Top Model? We see numbers flip around on the screen, and after a moment we learn that it's Jourdan. Wait…even though Tyra says that there's no social media score, one is listed when we see the final numbers. And…wait. The final numbers that are listed are totally just the judges' scores from the Guess photo shoot, which we saw at the beginning of the episode when they eliminated Cory. Such integrity with the hard data! Such fact checking!

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