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Finale Part II: The Girl or Girl Who Becomes America’s Next Top Model

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Boring is the New Black

Anyway, Jourdan. She cries and cries with happiness. And Marvin tears up as he says that he's like the one kid who got the shot that he never thought he'd have. He didn't think that kids like him got chances, but the fact that he's standing next to Jourdan and in front of the judges proved to him that there's a chance for everybody, no matter how bad your story is. Awww, Marvin. He will make a charmingly inept motivational speaker one day. Tyra tells Marvin that he's not a boy anymore, and he needs a little time to let the man truly emerge. I imagine that Rene will help him with that. Marvin tells us that he did accomplish a lot during the competition, and has grown. In time, he thinks he'll be a supermodel and is going to keep at it. He knows that his dad is proud of him, and Marvin can't wait for his bright future.

Jourdan hugs Tyra, who tells her that she's amazing. Tyra admits that she wanted a boy to win, but Jourdan killed it on the runway and during the final photo shoot she was undeniable. She's strong and beautiful and has a story that so many girls can relate to and that is the plot of Danger Love. And then Tyra says that Jourdan can take a higher percentage of good pictures than she can, which is something. She has it, and Tyra tells her to push and push and push. And also maybe be a little less boring. At this time last year Jourdan was packing her bags and moving out of an unsafe situation, and now she's a Guess girl. And backstage, Chris and Mike each get $1,000 to go with their sunrise smize tank tops. As we reflect on how all the terrible people in life get rewarded, the episode ends and Tyra announces casting for Cycle 21: Girls and Guys Two Electric Boogaloo.

And thanks to all of you who made it through this cycle with me! Now go and forget that "booch blue" existed even for a fleeting moment.

Potes believes that for every woman everywhere, there is hope. Tweet her @traciepotes or email with your own story of Danger Love.

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