An Innocent Man

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Tied to the Railroad Track
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The show starts with Oliver Queen telling us that his name is Oliver Queen. I feel like I know all this stuff already, but I guess this show's already gotten kind of complex, so I can understand the need to explain things right away. There's a shirtless training montage in there if you're interested. And there are some Previouslies that make no sense if you don't remember the context. So the actual show starts with Oliver giving Dig some anti-curare tea as they show the final scene from last week. Then, just as with last week, Dig wakes up and Oliver says, "Hey."

Dig identifies him as "that vigilante" and tries to punch him. But he's still all doped up, so Oliver easily avoids him. Dig now thinks Oliver lost his mind on that island, but Oliver claims that he found clarity. Starling City is dying, see, on account of there being a criminal elite. I've noticed that not only are there are a lot of evil rich dudes, but Starling City has a surprising number of international crime syndicates. We've already seen the Triads and the Bratva, and I wouldn't be surprised to see a couple more before the season's over. Dig asks Oliver if he's going to take all the bad guys down by himself, but Oliver wants Dig to join him. Dig tells Oliver that he's a criminal and a murderer. He's right!

Oliver comes home to Castle Queen. Laurel is there (for some reason) and asks where he's been. Oh, because he vanished from that shooting at the auction and everybody was worried! Yeah, I guess the last that anyone saw him a mysterious sniper was shooting everyone in the room. It's probably pretty thoughtless of him to have just stayed out all night. Laurel tells him that Moira, Thea and Walter deserve better. As she turns to leave, Oliver starts to say something. But all he says is a really stiff, "Thank you for coming." She leaves, and Thea steps out of the shadows. She's weirdly concerned about Oliver's well-being, considering that she wasn't very friendly last episode.

Flashback! Native Archer brings a trap into the cave. He caught a quail in a cage! He tells Oliver something in what's probably Chinese, and Oliver ignores him so he can apologize to Laurel's picture. Then Modern Oliver wakes up.

Late at night, Thea's watching the news. Oliver joins her so they can learn about Peter Declan, who allegedly killed his wife. Archive footage from 2008 shows Peter denying it. Oliver tells Thea he can't sleep because he's been having bad dreams about Laurel. Thea encourages him to make a play for Laurel, and then recaps all the reasons that won't work. Listen, this romantic subplot is of no interest. The characters have no chemistry together and Oliver has never even shown all that much interest in Laurel. Plus, he's explicitly told her to stay away from him because he's no good for her.

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