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We're back to having Oliver explain the show to us in the opening, so you know this isn't as important an episode as last week.

Iron Heights Prison. Someone's being let out and he's welcomed by a hot blonde with a sports car. Then the two of them arrive at a fancy house so the guy can talk to someone named George about all the criminal upheavals that have been happening like the Triad and Bertinelli getting arrested. Her name is Vivian. The man offers George a hug and asks for a place to stay. Then George dies, because the man stabbed him.

Arrowlair. Diggle recaps the duplicate notebook that Oliver's mother had. Oliver thinks his mother is a good person, but Diggle points out that Walter has mysteriously vanished.

Back on the Flashback Island, Oliver finds a wrecked airplane. A man drops through the ceiling and threatens to cut out his voice box. Oliver stammers that Yao Fei gave him directions and that's enough to make the guy pause. And they both pause for awhile until the scene's over.

Detective Lance protests to Frank (his superior) that he doesn't want another assignment, since he's working on the Hood case. Frank thinks not everyone wants the Hood caught, because he's been doing some solid vigilante work out there. That's kind of a weird position for the police to take, but I like the idea of Lance being the only one in town who wants to deal with the murderous vigilante.

Oliver walks in on his mother, who's getting ready to leave for something. It doesn't matter what it is. Oliver hands her the notebook he got from Felicity and says Walter gave it to him. Moira claims it's a list of people who owed Oliver's father favors. Oliver says all the people in the notebook are bad people and Moira decides the only way to keep the family safe is for everyone in it to stop asking questions. To make this easier, she throws the notebook in the fire. I'm not sure why there was a fire burning in this room's fireplace if Moira was about to leave, but I guess when you're rich you can have as many fires as you want.

Thea's at CNRI for her court-ordered stint of helping out. Another intern named Anastasia provides some exposition: someone named Cyrus Vanch got out of prison. And they do "victim advocacy," so they want him to stay in, because he murdered ever so many people. Tommy calls Laurel to ask her out to an audition he's holding for chefs to work in the nightclub, but she's busy.

Back to the Arrowlair where Oliver and Diggle discuss the Moira Situation. Diggle thinks it's suspicious that she burned the book right away. Oliver insists that he knows his mother. It never seems to occur to him that he thought he knew his father until the shipwreck. Then his phone rings. Laurel tells him that Cyrus Vanch was just released from prison "on a technicality." I thought Laurel was the kind of lawyer who tried to get people off on technicalities, but she's been pretty casual about the actual rule of law. She needs evidence that Vanch is up to something new, so she's calling the local vigilante to see if he can do some spying. Oliver is on the case! Diggle suggests that he's just avoiding the truth about his mother.

Detective Lance promptly gets the news that Laurel has called the Hood, because he planted that bug. And he wants to have a task force ready when they meet!

Arrows kill four of Cyrus's guards outside his house. They've been scaling back on Oliver's lethality in the last few episodes, but these guys are definitely dead. Inside, Vivian and Cyrus talk about how the Triad is probably looking for new leadership and with Bertinelli in jail, the mob's probably available too. Oliver shoots a listening-device arrow (that's an arrow that transmits sound to a recorder he's carrying into a pillar near them, but then he's spotted by a goon. He punches him out, but the goon's machine gun alerts Cyrus. He pulls the arrow out and delivers the incredibly original observation that in prison, the thing to do is to take down the biggest guy to show how tough you are.

Laurel joins Tommy in her apartment, but before they can go out on their date, her phone rings. A muddled voice tells her to meet him on the top of a building. Listening in the police station, Detective Lance tells his men to use rubber bullets, because he doesn't want anything bad to happen to his daughter. Now move! Frank thinks this is the sort of thing that can cause a rift between father and daughter. Lance insists that Laurel will understand that he's just doing his job.

Moira is being driven somewhere... by Diggle! Her regular driver is out sick. Diggle carries an umbrella and helps her out of the car in standard chauffeur fashion. She has him stay by the car when she goes inside. Diggle follows anyway, and it's a bunch of women at a birthday party. He cunningly claims he's looking for the restroom. Smooth!

Laurel and Oliver (as the Hood) meet on the roof. Oliver hands her the doolally that has evidence that Cyrus Vanch is thinking bad thoughts. But then Oliver's finely-tuned senses reveal that they're not alone. And the police jump out! Oliver uses Laurel as a shield, and then jumps to a lower roof. These guys never even get a shot off when Oliver runs away from them. Detective Lance chases him down some stairs, but Oliver gets the drop on him. Pop! Oliver punches Lance in the back of the head.

Later, at the police station, Laurel is furious at her father for having all those cops point guns at her. He, on the other hand, is mad at her for contacting the vigilante. Laurel points out that he deliberately let her take the phone, so he was expecting her to do it. Laurel asks what happens when he catches the Hood: "You're gonna find someone else to blame for mom leaving. For Sarah dying? For your drinking?" He hasn't really been shown to be a drunk. Anyway, he's a policeman hunting a vigilante that's murdered a lot of people. He's killed four so far in this episode! So I don't think it's fair to accuse Lance of being out of control here. Laurel turns to leave and her father asks for the phone back. She slams it on the desk.

In the Arrowlair, Diggle tells Oliver that he doesn't see straight when it comes to Laurel or his mother. And he'll be driving Moira around for a few days. Oliver insists that she's not a suspect. This does not dissuade Diggle. Diggle doesn't really have much to do on this show. He signed on as Oliver's sidekick, but he's only been out in the field once. He mostly just hangs out in the Arrowlair and tells Oliver he's doing things wrong.

Laurel and Tommy. Tommy is annoyed that she met up with the Hood (or "The Hood Guy," as they increasingly commonly call him) when they were supposed to be going out. He whines, "Laurel, he's a murderer!" Not to be out-whined, she snaps back, "You sound like my father." Tommy stomps off.

Cyrus Vanch watches the television news to learn about the dangerous archer in town. He claims that by using "deception and intimidation," the archer has stolen his move. Oh, you invented that, did you? Vivian comes in and asks, "Remember that attorney? Laurel Lance?"

Tommy and Oliver go through the resumes for nightclub chef. Oliver suggests "this guy," who allegedly won Top Chef, Season Six. That would be Michael Voltaggio, then. I liked that season, although I was rooting for Kevin. I don't think Michael Voltaggio is looking for work by submitting blind resumes at a nightclub. Shouldn't he at least be at a restaurant? Tommy tells Oliver that Laurel is working with The Hood Guy. But then he calls him "The Hood" when he adds that Laurel's infatuated with him. Oliver pretends to be outraged that she's got a crush on a murderous vigilante. Of all the people on this show, only Oliver recognizes what he actually is! Oliver suggests Tommy have an honest chat with her. That sounds riveting!

Flashback Island! Remember how Oliver found an airplane with a belligerent Australian in it? Well, Oliver's new friend tells him there's an airfield ten klicks away. He tosses Oliver a scimitar. The deal is that

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