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Reign of Blood
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It's raining at Saint Walker's Hospital as Sebastian Blood walks in. A nurse delivers the exposition that he's an Alderman (we already knew that) and he's here to see his aunt (which I already assumed, although we learned in the last episode that she's not his aunt.) He's left alone with her, and he snarks at her rosary beads before asking what Laurel Lance talked to her about. Maya says she told Laurel about Sebastian killing his father, but now she's sorry. I feel like "I'm sorry" is probably not going to be good enough. He claims to forgive her, calls her "Mama," and walks out. That could have gone worse! Maya lies back on her bed, praying. And then Blood's back in her room with his silly skull mask on, so it does, in fact, go worse.

Elsewhere, Oliver is still demanding to know who the guy in the skull mask is. In this case, he's shooting arrows past an entertainingly twitchy dude, who is standing between some giant gears. This is a neat set, and they're wasting it on this throwaway scene. I like the twitchy guy, too, although he doesn't get to do anything but say he doesn't know what Oliver is talking about. Felicity is listening in, and she's using an audio polygraph to report that Twitchy is telling the truth. That's dumb! But it's dumb in a fun, goofy way, so I approve.

Flashback Island. Sara and Oliver are holed up in the crashed plane, which looks bigger than it used to. They're looking for Slade, but he's gone. And he's presumably got much better jungle survival skills than either of them, so I don't think they have much of a chance of finding him. Oliver says the sensor grid is still up, so they'll know if Ivo's men arrive to kill them. Sara wants to just give the Mirakuru to Ivo, and Oliver is theatrically disbelieving that she'd even consider this. Sara says Ivo isn't evil, which is obviously untrue even if he taught her things while he was on the ship. He kept people in cages and tortured them!

Back to the present. Laurel goes to her desk in the DA's office and starts to take a pill. She should consider indulging her addiction somewhere other than the office. It also might not be a bad idea to take the pills out of that bottle with someone else's name on it. Downey of Saint Walker's Hospital calls to tell her that Maya Resik's heart gave out. So I guess Blood scared her to death? He's already suspiciously similar to the Scarecrow, so I think he should avoid that tactic.

When the exposition phone call is over, Laurel goes to talk to Adam (her boss, the Assistant District Attorney) to try to convince him that Sebastian Blood is evil and must be stopped. He doesn't believe her, because she sounds crazy. She demands a search warrant to investigate Blood's home, but he points out that he's the ADA that took Vertigo on live TV, so he doesn't have that much latitude for arbitrarily investigating Aldermen. She's on her own.

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