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Canary, But No Coal Mine
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Previously, Roy saw someone that was probably Black Canary, but he doesn't read comic books so he doesn't know that yet. Oliver told Roy to be his eyes and ears in the Glades. Laurel surrounded Oliver with fifteen or twenty gun-toting goons. And that brings us up to right now! Oliver doesn't want to put down his bow, because he swears he's not Laurel's enemy. Even though he's pointing a deadly weapon at her, which kind of cuts against his argument. He slowly lowers it, and then! Someone in black leather smashes through the ceiling! This woman holds up an electronic gizmo that emits a noise that disables everyone in the room. All the windows blow up. She and Oliver run out the window and are followed by the goons. Out in the alley, Oliver quips, "Nice mask. Why'd you help me?" Instead of answering, she parkours up a fire escape.

The comic book character Black Canary is a blonde who wears a black leather jacket (and fishnet stockings, because comic books aren't as progressive as some of like to pretend) and has an ultrasonic scream. She's also one of the best fighters in the world, which helps balance off the fishnets. And like I say, this is clearly the Arrow version of her. This is cool, because she's pretty great.

Oliver returns to the Arrow lair and Felicity complains about how the police are chasing him instead of bad guys. I realize he's turned over a new leaf, but he did kill a lot of people last season, so I think the police are within their rights to want to arrest him. Oliver says he had help from a masked blonde woman in black who used a "sonic...thing." Diggle and Felicity want more details about who she was and why she helped him, but Oliver doesn't know anything. Diggle asks why he was at Felicity's office in the first place, and Oliver explains his theory that if he could just explain himself, she'd understand that he's not the bad guy. To his credit, he now understands the flaws in that theory. That's good, because "The superhero who keeps trying to explain himself to his ex-girlfriend" is kind of a lame hook.

Flashback! Slade, Shado, and Oliver have brought a malformed skeleton back to the plane, which is weird and gross. Slade doesn't care why the soldiers were looking for it, because he's more concerned with the prospect of more soldiers, who will naturally be looking for it. Then why'd they bring it to their secret hideout? That seems like the last place you want to draw soldiers to. Just drag the skeleton out onto the beach and leave a note saying "Here's your skeleton; please leave." Oliver fondles the stone he took off the corpse and comments on Shado's weirdly expert examination of the skull. Slade wants to get to a high point where they can watch anyone who approaches the plane, but Shado is too busing happily examining the skeleton to go with them. She says she'll be fine. Oliver doesn't want to split up the party, but he goes with Slade.

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