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There's a fire! And explosions! But everything's under control, because the fire department is on the case. One fireman is walking around inside the flaming building, which appears to be a warehouse of some sort. There's another one in there, and he's in a neat all-black fireman outfit that covers his face. He walks up to the regular-looking fireman and sprays him down with something. We don't get told what it is, but it must be pretty flammable because he goes up like a torch. The black-clad fireman strolls away.

With that out of the way, Oliver does that "move the bar up the notches" thing, then wrestles himself around so the camera can linger on his muscly shirtlessness. Finally, he throws a tennis ball into the air and completely misses it with an arrow. That used to be his signature move! Diggle comes in to tell him that there's no news on Walter's disappearance six weeks earlier. He even works in the part about it being six weeks, which is a good job of exposition. I guess you'd expect Diggle to be good at that, since it's pretty much his only job. Oliver says that his contacts in the Bratva don't have any leads. So he's definitely a real captain in the Bratva. I'd like to see that get explored a little more. But Diggle wants him to get back on the job with the revenge list.

Back to Flashback Island! Remember that scene where Oliver ran away while Deathstroke and Yao Fe fought? Well, here it is again. Enjoy it!

CNRI. That's the legal aid place where Laurel Lance works. They should consider giving that place a real name because we still don't know what "CNRI" stands for. The Internet claims that it's "City Necessary Resources Initiative," which does not really roll off the tongue. Laurel is talking to her friend and coworker Joanna. Detective Lance interrupts their conversation to tell Joanna that brother Danny was killed on duty last night. I guess he was that fireman. Her response is to repeat "No!" a lot while Laurel hugs her. Even when she's part of the plot, Joanna hardly gets any dialogue.

Castle Queen. Moira sadly looks at a picture of herself and Walter until Oliver comes in to bother her. He would like the family to eat Big Belly Burgers while watching a DVD. That's pretty vague. And they're billionaires who live in a giant castle, so you'd think they'd have a chef on the staff. They could certainly do better than takeout hamburgers that have been driven here from the city. Moira doesn't want to participate.

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