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In the next scene (which is technically how almost every paragraph in a recap could begin), Oliver answers his phone but does not speak. Laurel has her father's phone and is saying, "Hello? I need your help." Clearly, this is the Arrowphone, the new way that people contact the vigilante.

The lights go off in Laurel's place, and Oliver walks in as the Hood. He has a thing in his hand that I think masks his voice. Either that or he's doing this stupid voice on his own. I'm not sure which explanation would be more embarrassing. He whines about that time she said he was a killer without remorse. But now she wants the killer of Danny de la Vega.

At the Arrowlair, Diggle beats up a wooden fighting dummy. No, not Oliver. (Hold for laughs) Oliver tells him to use his hips. Because even though Diggle is a highly skilled combat veteran, there's nothing he can do that Oliver can't do better. Until now! Because Dig has a contact in the Fire Investigation Unit, and Oliver wants him to send the information to the police. Diggle objects to this as being insufficiently vigilante-like. He would prefer to exact some street justice! And then! There's noise from upstairs. Oliver goes up, slips through a secret door and finds Tommy. He's been yelling at contractors (as represented by an arm) and wants to do a fundraiser for the fire department. It's nice that their plan to turn the warehouse into a club is progressing a tiny amount, although I still think it's a mistake to set the Arrowlair next to a place you want to be busy.

Laurel wants Joanna to take some time off. She will not. Then Detective Lance comes in to demand the Arrowphone back. Laurel doesn't seem to understand that you're not supposed to steal evidence. She claims to have given it back to the Hood, which is almost certainly inappropriate. You're a lawyer! And your father is a police officer! Please do not steal evidence and give it back to the murderous vigilante!

Moira is meeting with someone. She wants to step back and let someone else run Queen Consolidated, and this guy is concerned about how often the CEO vanishes mysteriously. This guy is Ned Foster, the COO. He wants Moira to be CEO to help settle the board. But she wants to be at home "for my family." Nobody buys that. Oliver tries to talk her into doing it for the company, which is hypocritical from someone who refused to even take a job for Queen Consolidated.

Diggle comes in to pull Oliver out of the conversation. His contacts have reported that there was a pickup truck at the last fire, and now it's across the street from a new fire. Right now! Oliver wants to notify the police, but there's no time. Diggle tells him, "They need the man in the hood." They have the license plate of the guy who's been killing firefighters? That seems like a pretty solid clue.

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