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On the island, Oliver comes up from underwater and sees the soldier dead on a rock. So I guess Oliver fell in the river but the soldier hit a rock instead. How convenient! This will simplify everything!

Moira looks through photos and reflects that they should be scanned in. Thea tells her the two of them are going out of the house. Moira says she's tired, and Thea points out that she's been in bed all day. And she's touchy because she has to take care of her mother instead of getting to grieve. She's mad that no one's making her do her homework or get home at a decent hour. She's not dealing well with having a depressed mother.

Oliver's doing computer research in the Arrowlair. Dig comes in so they can have a heart-to-heart about stuff. Oliver says that the other archer made him fear death only because he thought about all the people he's let into his life. "And in the first time for so long, I had something to lose." Dig thinks he should stare down death with something to live for. Anyway, all the men in the Firefly unit had an alibi for Danny's murder. And the man he saw had burns. So what if he was Garfield Lynns, who somehow survived that fire two years ago? I thought that was pretty clear already, wasn't it?

Horrible dance music plays at the Firefighter Gala. Do firefighters really want to hang out in an abandoned warehouse that's not up to code yet? Seems weird. In fact, Tommy tells Laurel that if they get any more people in there, they'll violate the fire code. Oliver peels off Laurel (thanks for being in the show this week, Tommy!) and goes to the Fire Chief. Oliver wants to talk about Garfield Lynns, whose coat was found. But that's all they found. The chief says Garfield was inside the building, calling for backup. He didn't send a unit back in, and he left him to burn. Oliver says he's back. We see a fireman walking through the crowd. Oliver seems to imply that the power of revenge kept him alive. Does that work?

The chief says, "You're insane. Gar did not make it out of that building." And the mysterious black-clad fireman is right there! He says, "Just like you won't make it out of this one." Firebomb! Fire everywhere! Garfield takes off his hat, and he has some burns on his face. People run around in panic. Diggle knows where the exit is (it's that big door at the front of the building that everyone came in through) and gets them going in the right direction. Garfield points his sprayer at Oliver, and Oliver tells Laurel to run. After Garfield sprays the chief (with what I guess is turpentine), Oliver goes to his secret door, runs down the stairs, and grabs his bow. Tommy and Laurel find each other and a beam falls somewhere near them. They're in danger!

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