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Garfield complains about his skin melting in that fire. Oh, get over it. The chief says, "I told you to get out of there." "And I told you we could save the building." He was pulled out and listed as a John Doe. He was in a coma for nine months. And then he was crazy with revenge. So he pulls out a Zippo. Eventually, he throws the Zippo at the chief. And then! Oliver shows up and shoots the lighter out of the air! That's great, but most of the building is already on fire, so it's not like it would be difficult to find a way to ignite the turpentine-soaked chief. Garfield says he's not afraid to die. Oliver answers, "I know. You're afraid to live." Oliver wants to get him home. Garfield appears to consider it. Then he says, "Thanks. But I'm already burned." He walks into the flames. The tanks on his back don't explode. But he does burn to death.

Well, this fire is going to be a problem for the Arrowlair. Even if the building isn't damaged, and even if no firefighters make it down to the secret floor, there's going to be a lot of water shooting around, which isn't good for the computer lab. On the plus side, there's probably a fire truck parked out front. Not that I'm saying that firefighters always drive fire trucks; it's just that you'd think a firefighter's fundraising gala would probably have some firefighting stuff around the place to keep it on theme.

Castle Queen. The television news is now calling the vigilante a hero because people saw him. This is a good shift! It's important to have your hero do some heroic stuff occasionally. Thea asks why Oliver's so smiley, what with his under-construction club catching fire. Apparently it's just "more" under construction now. That could mean a new set! Moira comes out to announce that she's going to go be CEO after all, because Thea convinced her. Off she goes! Depressed Moira Plot: RESOLVED!

CNRI. Joanna is taking a few months off to be with her mother. She has her brother's badge, which she would like Laurel to get to "him." She says, "I don't care what anyone has to say. He really is a guardian angel." See, it's more interesting when people start liking him. Detective Lance comes in and says that maybe it's a good thing that Laurel got "The Hood" involved. She gives him back the phone. Then he hands it back! He says, "I may not like the guy's methods, but whoever this guy is, he's got a habit of putting himself between danger and you. And that's not something I can argue with." Then he returns to the police station. That seems like a weird move. I know I was just saying they needed to get people on Oliver's side, but the police officer who's determined to track down the vigilante hero is a standard element of these things.

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