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Monty Ashley: B | 2 USERS: A-

Back at the police station, a tech tells Detective Lance, "I got a strong signal from the crystal VHF transmitter you hid in the speaker, and it can't be backtraced." So they've got a bug on the phone. And it uses both crystal radio and the VHF frequency. I guess broadcast television isn't using that bandwidth anymore. The tech thinks it's "stone cold" to use your daughter as bait. Ah, much better.

Arrowlair. Oliver shadowboxes while hanging upside down. And he's shirtless. Back on other island, he pulls supplies off the dead soldier and finds useful things like keys and a map. Diggle comments, "Good thing the fire didn't spread down here." It certainly is! Oliver thanks Diggle for getting him back in the game. Back to the book! I like Oliver more when he's dealing with murderers than when he's carrying out revenge against people whose crimes have never been clearly defined.

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