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Return of the Arrow
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Previously, as I remember, Oliver made out with Laurel where Tommy could see them, but Tommy died pretty soon after that in the giant earthquake caused by his father Malcolm. Moira confessed on television to being involved and Thea was making out with Roy, a kid from the wrong side of the tracks. That about covers it, I think.

We start with Oliver running shirtless (of course) through a jungle. He sees a plane above. This is how the last season started, but Oliver was all shaggy and bearded. This time, he's clean-shaven. A shot from inside the plane reveals that the plane has Felicity and Diggle in it, and it's about to crash because it's flying through dense clouds. It's aimed at Flashback Island!'s not a flashback at all! I don't know how to handle this turn of events. Diggle loads up a parachute and makes Felicity take the other one. They jump! I guess the pilot is on his own. They land safely on the beach, which looks different from the one in the first season. Maybe it's done some growing up in the last year. Felicity throws up. They walk past the Deathstroke mask to make sure we all understand that this isn't some random jungle-covered island.

After some walking, Diggle claims that he hears something. But it turns out to be nothing, so everything's fine. And then Felicity steps on a land mine. It's the kind where it goes off if you step off it, so she gets to stand there looking nervous. Diggle looks like he's going to save her with a pocket knife, but I don't think he really has a plan. Luckily, Oliver is lurking on a branch in a high tree. He swings down and yanks Felicity off the land mine, which only kills people within two feet of it. So she's safe. She tells him he's really sweaty, which I don't think counts as sexy banter. Diggle says he's a hard man to find. Oliver says, "You shouldn't have come here."

Oliver leads them to a jungled-up lair that turns out to be the remnants of the plane he was living in the first time he was on the island. Felicity is annoyed by his lack of hospitality and demands some water or coconut or something. He gives her water and says that he can't come back to Starling City. He's still sad about the giant earthquake that destroyed The Glades: "The Hood couldn't stop it. So don't ask me to put it on again. Ever." Diggle says they're here about his Oliver Queen identity, not the vigilante. Moira Queen is going to trial and his sister Thea is "out on her own." So Queen Consolidated is ripe for a takeover by something called Stellmoor International, who are legendary for gutting the companies they acquire. They'll probably lay off 30,000 employees, including Felicity. Diggle says nobody blames Oliver for leaving, but it's time to come home.

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