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Suture Self
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Hey, Castle Queen is still around! I was wondering if they were avoiding that set this season. There's a party going on inside, of course. Felicity apologizes to Isabel Rochev (Summer Glau, remember?) for Oliver's lateness. We see that he's running around on rooftops being shot at by gang members with some kind of automatic weaponry. He uses an ankle-tangling arrow on one, so it's nice to see that he's got some non-lethal techniques now. Felicity reminds him about this party, but he's a little busy. When the fight's over, a goon is dangling from his ankle and won't say where they got the guns. Oliver reports that they were using M4A1 rifles, which are strictly military issue. Then he finally comes to his party, which is to attract investors to his company. He's got blood on his face, which doesn't impress Isabel.

Oliver does some mingling, saying hello to Laurel and Alderman Blood. Blood wants to talk about ending gun violence. The police already know who's been arming the gangs: the mayor. Oliver says, "I thought the Hood copycats killed the mayor." Well, there's probably a new one by now. It's not like once the mayor dies, you never get a new one. But actually it's a gang lord who calls himself, "The Mayor." He's trying to create chaos in the Glades. Doesn't sound that hard. It's kind of a chaotic place.

Somebody shoots up a mannequin in a strip club. This would appear to be the Mayor's hideout. Someone has spray-painted the words "CITY HALL" everywhere, because it's important for comic book villains to have a strong sense of branding. The Mayor exposits that before the earthquake, he was a weak man waiting to get fired and now he knows that the guy with the biggest guns wins. I'm not sure how an earthquake taught him that, but maybe he had to hide in a library. He's about to kill the guy who came back from the opening scene with Oliver, because he lost the guns. That guy's cousin asks for leniency, saying that he was the one who brought him in. So he gets shot, rather than his cousin. The Mayor, his homicidal nature established, says, "Let's hope you do your family better than he did."

Oliver finds Laurel at the party. She doesn't want to be asked if she's okay, and he does anyway. It's nice to see the show remembering that Laurel had a really traumatic time last episode. Although, as she says, "After the quake and Tommy, I should be used to that by now." And there was that time last season where she was almost gang-murdered in the prison. She's definitely having a rough couple of years. Felicity comes up to Oliver with something urgent, so Oliver shoos Laurel away. Felicity has a theory about Black Canary, who showed up at the DA's office and the kidnapping site: what if she's following Laurel, not Oliver?

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