Darkness on the Edge of Town

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It's Mostly Setup
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I'm pretty sick of the opening narration at this point, and my nitpicking is getting out of control. This week, the thing that bugs me is Oliver calling Starling City "my city." Who says it's his city? Is this a billionaire thing?

Well, never mind. On with the show. A guy in a lab coat wants his lady coworker to go to happy hour at Stella's with him. That's the place across the street that plays salsa music until all hours of the night. I wonder what kind of neighborhood has all-night salsa music and also laboratories. They go into a giant room full of servers and stumble on Black Arrow killing a Dr. Markov, even though Dr. Markov did everything Mr. Merlyn required of him. There are several other people already lying dead on the floor. The people who were talking run for the door, but it's locked. Security guards run in and get arrowed. Black Arrow shoots a server and it explodes. He aims an arrow at the lady and she screams.

By an exterior shot, we see that this was UNIDAC Industries. Black Arrow removes his hood as he drives away. It's Malcolm Merlyn, which we already knew. Did he really take his own car? That seems sloppy.

Arrowlair. Diggle has been watching Moira for the past few days, but she hasn't done anything particularly suspicious. And Felicity has been monitoring her online activities with an equal lack of results. Moira did make a few calls to Malcolm, but they were innocuous. So... Felicity was listening to all her calls? Oliver mopes about how his mother and his best friend's father are deep in something evil and probably killed his father. Yeah, that's hard for anyone to go through. Oliver decides to just go ask Moira for information. Felicity points out that the last time the vigilante confronted Moira, Oliver got shot and she had to "play doctor" with him. They're trying to do this thing where Felicity accidentally uses double entendres around Oliver, but it's not really landing. Oliver says this will just be a regular mother/son chat, dodging the issue of how a million cops have shot at him but the only person to do any damage was his mother.

When Oliver goes upstairs to the club, Laurel is there, even though it's not even 7:00 AM. Oliver claims things are busy, although the club isn't open at the moment. He means that running a club keeps him busy in general since Tommy left. They haven't addressed who's running the place now, but I don't think it can be Oliver, what with his nighttime vigilantism. Laurel says Tommy is a good guy and asks if Oliver is. It seems like it should be a snappy phrase, but Oliver has no idea what she's talking about. She reminds him (and us) that he said he had feelings for her. He admits that he shouldn't have said that. No, he shouldn't have! If you're trying to push someone away, steer clear of the words, "I still love you." Laurel says things have changed since Oliver left on the boat with Sarah. She hated him back then, but now all sorts of things have happened. Her parents were in the same room! That doesn't have a lot to do with Oliver. So now she's willing to admit that she still has feelings for Oliver. Oliver tells her he hasn't changed. Although he clearly has. He's a lot more stern and intense -- and covered in pounds of rippling muscle -- than he was before the shipwreck. And he says he has to go because Walter's coming home. See, that's a terrible excuse. If you're trying to convince someone that you're still a wastrel, you want to say you're meeting your drug dealer or a van full of prostitutes or something. Welcoming your stepfather home from the hospital doesn't make you sound like a rebel. It makes you sound like a nice, trustworthy young man with a good head on his shoulders.

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