Dead to Rights

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Un-Secret Identity
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China White is back! And the previouslies also remind us that Malcolm Merlyn is the Black Arrow, although I'm the only one who calls him that.

The actual episode starts with a helicopter landing somewhere and police racing to get there. A square-jawed individual deplanes (well "dehelicopters," I guess) and tells someone via his phone that he gets "half on arrival" and "half when the job is done." He gets his half million dollars transferred in, then Oliver shoots the phone out of his hand. He blocks the next arrow with daggers and there's a big helicopter-side fight. One of the flaws of this show is that archery is basically designed for fighting at range. Once they're up close, Oliver has to use his bow as a staff, which requires careful organization to keep the bowstring out of the way. But after a bit of fighting Oliver stabs his opponent with an arrow. So I guess there's something to be said for carrying around a lot of pointy objects. The bad guy falls. Oliver snags the phone and runs off just as the police get there. McKenna finds at arrow and glares into the distance./p>

Felicity falls to the mat in the Arrowlair. Diggle's teaching her hand-to-hand combat. I guess it's a good idea, but I prefer her as a noncombatant. On the other hand, they've had a lot of scenes where Oliver showed off how awesome he was by schooling Diggle, which always felt like it kind of undercut Diggle as a character. His specialty is supposed to be hand-to-hand combat, but he wasn't even the best guy on a team of two. But here Diggle can look tough and Felicity's character concept can withstand being bad at judo.

Oliver comes in and reports that Guillermo Barrera is dead. If you care that's a guy named "Brutale" in the comic books. Oliver has his phone and he'd like Felicity to hack into it, because he knows that Guillermo was in town to kill someone. So he's going to protect that person, whoever it is.

Flashback Island. Oliver does four pull-ups in the plane and then falls to the ground, exhausted. Slade does some show-offy pull-ups and mocks Oliver's goal to get off the island. He suggests that maybe if Oliver got a bunch of bamboo, they could build a boat like on Gilligan's Island. I think he's kidding. Oliver goes to the plane's radio, but it's broken. He explains that his father used to do the maintenance on his aircraft himself. Slade smirks, "So you're hoping that aircraft maintenance is genetic?" Funny! But Oliver used to help and he claims he remembers some of it. Slade thinks Oliver should be spending his time training himself into a killing machine. Oliver answers "I think I have a better chance of making the radio work."

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