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Put a Sock in It, Roy
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In the opening voiceover, Oliver clearly says, "for five years, I was stranded on an island." So they really shouldn't find a way for him to get off it for specialized training, is all I'm saying. It's one thing for him to lie to the other people on the show, but if he's lying in the voiceover, it's like he's lying to us. And that I will not have.

Moving on! A big, fake jewel is in a museum under a case. A slack-jawed security guard claims he and his coworker are supposed to move it into the vault. But as soon as the case is raised, he whops his buddy over the side of the head. Then he grabs the jewel and alarms go off. As more security guards swarm the place, he ducks behind a pillar and hands it off to tonight's guest star. It's James Callis, who played Gaius Baltar on Battlestar Galactica! The guard is named Jerry and the gem is called "The Sherwood." Jerry has a metal collar around his neck, and he begs to have it taken off. Done!

In the Arrowlair, Oliver beats up one of his wooden training dummies with a bamboo stick. He's preparing to go out and assault Kent Williams, who ran a pyramid scheme. It's awfully convenient that everybody on the List has also committed some kind of crime. What happens when Oliver runs across someone who's just generally associated with bad guys? It'll take some time to find out, because when he gets to the door, Felicity has locked it with her computer skills. So one of the things she did was wire the doors into the computer system? Fancy!

She's concerned because Williams is the widower father of a ten-year-old boy. She's not on board with making the boy an orphan, and she doesn't think Oliver's doing actual good in the city by just hunting down white-collar criminals. Oliver reboots his computer, and Felicity leaves. She feels she made a mistake signing on with him, since all she cared about was rescuing Walter. And they don't seem to have made much progress on that.

Flashback! The plane on the island. Oliver pours water into Slade's mouth. That doesn't really deal with his infected bullet wound, but at least it's something. Oliver decides he has to go to Yao Fei's cave because of those "super herbs" that "heal anything." Those sound useful! And I guess that's the explanation for how they cured two different kinds of poison earlier. These herbs could make someone a lot of money, although I guess Oliver's already set in that department.

Castle Queen. Moira welcomes a man named Frank, who has been in China recently. But he came back because of "The Undertaking." I think that implies that the Undertaking will be taking place shortly. Right? Moira wants to get out of the whole thing because she's afraid of the vigilante. I'm not sure why, since when the vigilante actually threatened her, she just shot him. She says that Robert also had misgivings, and he sought Frank out. But then he was murdered, so maybe Frank isn't the right person to go to? Anyway, she says their goal is to clean up the Glades, not to lay the city to waste. I believe the phrase is "lay waste to the city." Frank got into this because something happened to his daughter Amanda. They're really good at speaking vaguely about stuff!

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