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Arrow is back, y'all! This is the story of Oliver Queen, a billionaire with a lot of time on his hands who nevertheless can't think of any more efficient way to fight crime than running around at night with a bow and arrow. I realize this is a complaint that can also be leveled at Bruce Wayne, but Batman has a creative R&D department. Oliver should at least have a crazy high-tech hood, right?

In the Arrowlair, Diggle punches pads held by Oliver. He's all pumped up because he wants to go kill Deadshot. And speaking of Deadshot, we cut to him in Germany aiming at an ambassador. Back to Diggle. Punch! Punch! He says, "We have to end this guy before he makes any more widows out of wives." So it's okay if he shoots bachelors? Or women? In Germany, the ambassador goes down. Oliver says he knows he promised to take Deadshot down, but he can't right now because "he's on another continent." I will take this opportunity to remind you that Oliver is a billionaire, so there's no reason that he can't fly to Germany and deal with things there. Or he could hire one of the many trained assassins that exist in this world. Oh! He's also a captain in the Bratva, so he could probably get the Russians to do something and not even have to leave his house. Or he could finance a satellite that kills people with a space laser. Oliver is just not that good at thinking outside the box. I mean, what are the odds that Deadshot is going to come back to Starling City and give Oliver another shot at him?

Well, pretty good as it turns out, because Felicity pipes up to report that she's broken into eight Federal databases. She knows that Floyd "Deadshot" Lawton is scheduled to meet with a potential client here in Starling City. This seems like a crazy thing to know about, but it turns out to have been a trap set up by Diggle's friend Lyla. Diggle will go talk to her, and Oliver is going to go have lunch with Laurel. Because we haven't had enough cycles of "Oliver wants to be with Laurel... wait, no he doesn't" yet.

Flashback Island. Oliver walks onto the plane and looks at his picture of Laurel. See, because Flashback Oliver was in love with Laurel, although Modern Oliver has moved past her several times. Slade and Shado bicker over how they're going to assault a place. This is a variation on the scene where Slade said that everyone knew the only way to attack an airfield was with two people. In this instance, Slade and Shado do the infiltration, but it's allegedly a three-person job, because someone needs to provide covering fire. Shado says Oliver will provide this with a bow, which Slade thinks is stupid since Oliver's useless. Oliver agrees, and I should mention that I enjoy Flashback Oliver's tentative demeanor. Shado says she'll train him by sundown. Sure she will.

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