Honor Thy Father

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Bruce Wayne Syndrome
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We start by seeing Oliver in the water and then on the island. He's all hairy and unkempt. Then there's a voiceover, the theme of which is: "Five years in hell forged me into a weapon." Also, his family's wealth was built on the suffering of others. Most of this was covered last week. The camera makes sure that we see that he has teeny arrows on his forearm. I guess teeny arrows are just "darts," huh? Well, he has some darts. Make a note of it!

And then! A fight! On a rooftop! Goons get pounded! Oliver shoots a couple of guys with arrows, but he probably doesn't kill all of them. The last guy gets his head held next to a fan while Arrow growls (SIGH) that he has to give those pensioners back their money. So this is one of the many evil rich people that Oliver is hunting down.

And now for some domestic family time. The Queen family is watching television news, on which a Mr. Redman claims he was coerced by a hooded vigilante into giving pensioners back their money. Oliver delivers a random Kardashian joke. The plan for today is for Oliver to go in and prove to a judge that he's alive. Tommy barges in and tells stories about Oliver peeing on a cop. Tommy does a lot of barging in, which is weird when you remember that the Queens live in an actual castle. Those things were built specifically to keep people from barging in.

As they walk into the courthouse, the Queens are beset by a small but tenacious swarm of news jackals, all shouting questions and taking pictures. The news swarm gives Oliver flashbacks of the island, because I guess the island had a lot of paparazzi? That's just speculation on my part; we don't actually see any. Inside, he tells the judge he was the only survivor and that his father in particular died. In flashback, we see him stagger into an inlet. Some lawyer formally requests that Oliver be declared alive. He is! Mom wants to take him to the office, but Oliver wants to wait until tomorrow.

Tommy points out that last week, Oliver really wanted to get to the company. Well, that was the pilot episode. I'm not going to get all hung up on slight changes in character motivation after the first episode. They bump into Laurel Lance, who's there because she's a lawyer. Laurel recaps their relationship to this blonde lady named Emily Nocenti.

Outside, the news swarm is now bothering Martin Somers, who's being sued by "Miss Lance" and the CNRI. I don't know what "CNRI" stands for, but it is presumably the legal aid group Laurel works with. The news swarm attacks Oliver again when they see him (not bothering to sum up the Martin Somers situation) and Diggle gets Oliver into the car. While Diggle is shoving a photographer away, the car zooms off. Without Diggle.

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