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Mission to Moscow
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Roy sticks a dart in the wall. This is how he signals The Arrow that he has news for him, but we don't see the results right away.

Instead, Felicity walks into Oliver's office as Isabel Rochev is lecturing him about missing meetings and not signing important documents. I think this is part of Oliver's facade as a rich idiot, but he's also supposed to be saving Queen Consolidated, so maybe he should consider doing his CEO duties. Felicity has trouble interrupting smoothly, so she finally just shouts, "ALERT!" Once she has his attention, she tells Oliver he has plans this evening with Mr. Harper. On their way out, Oliver complains about the low quality of the excuse, but I think he has a responsibility to pay attention to her when she rushes in at night. It's night, by the way. Most of Oliver's scenes at the office are at night, because he always has to go do dangerous vigilante stuff.

Roy watches through binoculars as a black Range Rover stops and disgorges some goons. Oliver (as The Arrow) appears behind him and lectures him about being more subtle when he's supposed to be hiding. I never think Oliver's all that subtle when he's standing on buildings, silhouetted against the night sky, but I guess it's easy to see him when there's a camera pointed at him. Roy's here because there's a counterfeit money deal going on inside a warehouse, and Oliver tells him to stay out of it.

In the warehouse, some printing plates are traded for a duffel bag full of money. But then! Arrow! Arrow! Arrow! The duffel bag of real money erupts in flames and one guy's hand gets pinned to the wall. Diggle is across the street, watching through binoculars and letting Oliver know that there are bad guys above him and on his six. That's good thinking! And I like seeing that Diggle has a purpose when Oliver's laying waste to bad guys. One guy gets out of the warehouse and runs for it, but Roy tackles him and starts pummeling him. He's still mid-pummel when the police roll up, so Roy gets arrested. Other than that, the mission has been successful. But as soon as Diggle puts down the binoculars, some other goons taser him in the neck and kidnap him.

Diggle wakes up in a warehouse. Probably a different one. I choose to believe that Starling City has so many vacant warehouses as a result of the season one earthquake driving businesses out of town. A woman walks in and introduces herself as Amanda Waller. Yay! I usually like Amanda Waller, although this woman is skinner than the usual depiction of her. Diggle complains that "you ARGUS guys" are supposed to be more subtle. But Ms. Waller has something to talk about: Diggle's military contact Lyla has gone missing in Moscow. He asks why she's telling him, and she leans close and says, "Because I know how you and Oliver Queen spend your nights." I like that the show recognizes that Oliver is terrible at having a secret identity. Only the local police don't know who he is, and that's only because Quentin Lance is willfully refusing to see the obvious. Diggle sighs and asks what Lyla was doing in Moscow. Well, she was tracking down Floyd "Deadshot" Lawton, which Diggle figures she was doing for him. Waller says that Lyla is irreplaceable for her, and apparently for Diggle as well. So that's the mission: Diggle is supposed to go to Moscow, find Lyla, and get her back.

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