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Enter the Huntress
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The Previouslies suggest that the Queens are getting tired of Oliver being a lying jerk to them all the time. It's not surprising that they're tiring of his jerkiness, but they haven't really had any proof that he's been lying to them. Come to think of it, he hasn't even told that many lies, since he barely bothers to cover up for his late-night vigilante activities. He just tells them, "Hey, I gotta go."

In tonight's episode, Oliver stops his motorcycle in the middle of the road to answer his Bluetooth. I don't approve of stopping in the middle of the road like that, but I guess it's better than talking on the phone while you're riding. Thea has called him to remind him to go have lunch with his mother, which is kind of a clumsy way to convey the exposition.

Outside Q Consolidated, Mrs. Queen rejects a proposal from a Mr. Copani. She's very nice about it, but she'salso not leaving a lot of room for negotiation. And just then, Oliver pulls up across the street. But then! Another motorcycle appears! And the rider shoots Mr. Copani! He might have been shooting at Moira, since Copani was in the way. Moira is knocked to the ground or winged or something convenient for the plot. Oliver runs off after the motorcycle. And you wouldn't think he could outrun a motorcycle, but you'd be wrong. He cuts through an alley and throws a pipe at the cycle. Only an inconvenient truck prevents him from catching up. I still think it would have made more sense to chase after the motorcycle using the motorcycle he was straddling.

Off to the hospital, where Moira is being checked up on. Thea and Oliver are there so there's a way to tell us that Thea was unable to alert Walter. The doctor says Moira has a concussion, but she can go home if someone watches after her at all times. She tells Oliver it was foolish to run after the bad guy. It was! I still kind of can't believe the show thinks a person on foot can catch up with someone on a motorcycle. Oliver claims he was looking for the license plate, which is a lame excuse. Then he hugs Moira and we see him looking determined for a really long time.

Out in the hallway, Thea rips into Oliver about leaving his mother bleeding alone in the street to get a license plate. She lays it on pretty thick, which involves saying the phrase "alone in the street!" a lot. She has a point though, since he didn't even get the license plate he claims to have been after. Then she complains about him not being truthful and leaves. The next people in line to talk to Oliver are the police! Detective Queen tells him that there are no leads. But Moira wasn't the target, because Mr. Copani was "mobbed up to the eyeballs." Oliver leaves immediately, which is a good example of what I'm talking about. If he made up some elaborate excuse, he'd be lying. Instead, he just walks away in the middle of the conversation.

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