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Archer Fight!
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Season finale! Let's go! Are you pumped? Get pumped! Maybe not as pumped as Stephen Amell, but still.

After the previouslies, we open in the lifeboat from the Queen's Gambit. Robert Queen tells Oliver to right his wrongs. Then he shoots that other guy (whose presence has never been explained) and himself. This scene already happened on the show, so maybe it was part of the previouslies. I don't know, man.

In new business, Oliver is shirtless and dangling by his wrists from some chains. A little something for the ladies! And also a lot of men! He is awoken by a bucket of water being thrown at him. Malcolm says he hopes he didn't hurt him. Somewhere around now, it dawns on Oliver that Malcolm now knows he's the vigilante. Malcolm thanks Oliver for saving his life that time, and now he's going to explain everything, which he believes will get Oliver on his side. Oliver complains about Malcolm murdering his father, being murdered and stranding him on the island. Malcolm apologizes. See, he's a nice guy! Malcolm believes he's honoring Tommy's mother by destroying the Glades, just as Oliver is honoring Robert with his hood-related vigilante activities. Malcolm has a theory on why Oliver has been defeated by him twice, even though he's younger and fitter. I don't think Oliver knows that he's fought Malcolm more than once, since Black Arrow is still a mysterious figure. But there's no time to worry about that sort of thing, since Malcolm is building a case. It's because Oliver doesn't know what he's fighting for, and Malcolm does. And he says no one can stop what's coming, adding, "Not even the vigilante." He tosses the hood on the floor and leaves.

Flashback Island. Oliver, Slade and Shado are tied up in the command tent. A plane flies overhead. The radio guy announces that Missile One is locked on target. Oliver saws at his bonds and attacks! Shado also attacks, although she needs Oliver to cut her bonds. He does and it is on. Slade also does some fighting, and it's mayhem. The tent gets cleared out, but the missile launches from the tank anyway.

Modern day. Oliver has been left alone to dangle from chains. Oliver pulls himself up so he's upside down. It's very impressive. Then he climbs the chain upside down, which is just showing off, in my opinion. After he gets pretty high, he lets himself drop, so when he hits the bottom, the chain breaks the pipe that the chain was looped around. I would have thought Oliver's wrists would also snap off, but I guess not.

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