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The Case of the Rival Vigilante
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We open in the Arrowlair, where the same television news broadcast that's always playing tells Diggle and Felicity that the lawyers for John Nichol are happy that he won't be prosecuted. Oliver is doing pointlessly showy shirtless pull-ups on a catwalk overhead, and he exposits that John is one of the richest and dirtiest real estate developers in the city and it's his fault his building burned down. During some of this, he's hanging by one arm. He gets bored very easily, I guess. The point is that the police can't do anything because the buildings are in the Glades. There's no explanation for that explanation. Anyway, he's on the List, so it's time to deal with John Nichol, Arrow-style. Felicity is on board, since she has a strong objection to slumlords that has never been mentioned before and will never be mentioned again.

Mr. Nichol is a heavyset bearded man who lives in a giant building made of glass. He hears a noise and creeps downstairs with a kitchen knife. This doesn't help, because he's knocked over and dragged off. But not by Oliver, who shows up a little too late. When Oliver gets there, he sees a knocked-over lamp and the knife on the floor. Meanwhile, Nichol is getting loaded into a van down at street level.

Arrowlair again. Oliver is angry that Nichol had been taken by someone else, so he wants Felicity to generate a list of Nichols' possible enemies. He admits that there are probably a lot of them. Felicity uses the phrase "Grr! Stop being bad or I'll Arrow you!" to describe Oliver's tactics, and asks why he's mad that somebody else is out there doing basically the same thing. Oliver explains that he doesn't like the idea of another vigilante out there because, in his words, "typically, they don't show my level of restraint." What restraint? You kill people all the time! Oliver decides not to cross Nichol off the list, but he's got green balls (a vulgar phrase that I have just invented) and wants to go after someone else on the list. Diggle makes him go eat dinner instead.

Flashback Island, right after the last episode. Fyers offers a boat in exchange for the circuit board, but he says it'll take time. Oliver starts to give him just an hour, but Slade overrules him. Geez, Slade -- you said it was Oliver's call. Let the kid fail on his own or he'll never learn!

Roy Harper's place, which is a mess. And it contains Thea Queen, who's making out with Roy. Their relationship has jumped forward with no warning! A sketchy (but well-groomed) guy comes to the door and gives Roy a package, along with cryptic hints about something happening tomorrow at 11. Thea grabs the package to discover the pistol inside it. Roy is knocking over a liquor store tomorrow! He explains, "I owe people. People with much bigger guns than this." He offers to take the bullets out, which at least means he won't be shooting anyone. Thea flounces out.

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