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The Trial of the Century
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After the Previouslys, we start with Moira confessing on television. We already saw this! Just because you put the caption "Six Months Ago" on it doesn't mean it's new. While she's confessing that the Glades are about to be destroyed, we cut to the prison, where guards are evacuating. And they're just leaving the prisoners to die. Nice! Cut to the cell of Count Vertigo, who has crazy drawings all over his cell walls. But he's not babbling incoherently anymore, so he's better off than the last time we saw him. He's thrown to the floor when the place starts shaking, and then he's able to get out of his cell and take some keys from a dead guard. After taunting various prisoners, he gives the keys to someone who appears to be the Dollmaker. Then he walks out of the prison with a big, crazy look on his face.

"Today," Diggle escorts Thea and Oliver to the courthouse while reporters shout questions at them. Watching from the steps, Laurel and Adam (her boss, the assistant district attorney) disagree on whether it's fair that Thea and Oliver get hassled when they're not the ones on trial. Adam has a secret plan for the trial that he hasn't even told Laurel. And she's his co-counsel!

Flashback to the island. Dr. Ivo has brought Oliver, Sara, and a bunch of guys with guns to the plane. Oliver shouts for Shado and Slade to run, but the plane gets riddled with bullets. Luckily, there's no one inside. Ivo declares that they must have moved on from their position. Yeah, no kidding. They were here and now they're not, so obviously they moved. Ivo tells one of his goons to plant a detonator set to four minutes and thirty seconds, and he moves on, telling Oliver to take him to the graves. Then we cut to Shado disconnecting the detonator with three seconds to go. There was no drama there at all. Shado and Slade are going to go try to save Oliver now.

Courthouse. Diggle has the flu or something, but he insists on walking Oliver and Thea up to the courtroom. Moira walks in wearing handcuffs, which the background music finds very, very touching and sad. The prosecution's case includes a videotape of Moira saying, "I have been complicit in an undertaking with a horrible purpose: to destroy The Glades and everyone in it." That seems like enough, but Adam also has a speech about the destruction and deaths (503 of them). The defense's case also uses the videotape, where Moira blames her actions on Malcolm Merlyn threatening her and her children's' lives.

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