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The Bomb Is in Your Head
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Oliver is asleep. Then he wakes up (which is good, because otherwise this would be a pretty boring episode) and sits up suddenly. He thinks Sara is asleep next to him, but it's really Shado. Her head is bloody, and she says, "Murder." Ghosts are always talking like that. Then Oliver wakes up for real, because that was a dream sequence. He and Sara appear to be sleeping on a bed in the Arrowlair. He couldn't get an apartment or something? He gets out of bed and makes a call in Russian.

A sign in Russian welcomes us an auto body shop or something. There are a lot of cars around the place, anyway. Oliver's here to talk to Alexei, the local Bratva guy. Oliver wants Alexei to find Slade Wilson, who he describes as being rich, Australian, and one-eyed. The Russian wants a favor first, because there's someone who owes him money. And this week, the Bratva works on a system of interlocking favors. Oliver says he doesn't have time, but Alexei insists. Two goons flank Oliver, and he says, "Okay." Then he wallops the goons and points a gun at Alexei. Oliver says, "I know exactly how this brotherhood works, and right now, it works for me." Then in subtitled Russian, he asks, "Do we understand one another?"

Oliver's on his way back to his motorcycle when Sara pops up behind him to ask when he last slept. It was when he found out that Slade was alive, which was a couple of days ago. Oliver claims he's not scared. He's just going to kill Slade and make sure he stays dead. And he doesn't want to do any talking about it.

Diggle is in his car. Well, somebody's car, anyway. I guess I shouldn't make assumptions. The last time we saw him, he was getting whopped over the head by Slade's men, but he seems fine now. Felicity brings him some hot cocoa as a way of revealing to the audience that he's watching over her because of the threat of Slade. He's increased the security on Moira, told Roy to watch Thea, and is letting Sara watch Laurel. Felicity describes Diggle's decision to just park outside her apartment as being "like that lacrosse player my freshman year in college." She tells him not to bother guarding her, because "If Slade wants to kill me, he can. There's nothing you can do to stop him. " So her plan is to just get killed if this is her week to be the victim? Diggle gets a text that says, "Ostrander Hotel. Room 1141. Now." It might be of interest to you that John Ostrander was an important writer of the comic book Suicide Squad. And that's the title of this episode!

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