The Huntress Returns

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Oliver claims in the voiceover that when he was on the island, he had one goal: survive. I disagree. He clearly had other goals, like "get awesome at pull-ups" and "get awesome at archery." It's not like the flashbacks only ever show him breathing and eating. He's well past that on Maslow's hierarchy of needs.

Okay, on with the actual show. We start in a strip club, but it's the kind of strip club where the ladies don't actually strip, because it's on the CW. A sleazy guy gets offered a lap dance from a young lady in kind of a nun-themed bustier. It's Helena Bertinelli! You don't need me to remind you that she's the Huntress in the comic books, nor that she was Oliver's girlfriend for about two episodes. And, of course, you remember that they had a disagreement about how many murders is too many, because Helena likes to kill the bad guy, whereas Oliver prefers to show restraint in the form of killing all the bad guy's henchmen before letting the police drag the bad guy off to jail. But did you remember that Helena's father, Frank Bertinelli, was the head of the Starling City mafia, which Helena dedicated herself to taking down?

Okay, sorry. I got a little hung up on exposition there. I promise it was easier to do it that way than to recap the ways the show worked the backstory into dialogue. This creepy guy that Helena is talking to is Gus, her father's attorney. She lures him into the back room for a private dance, and then she threatens him with a teeny crossbow. Gus claims he doesn't know where Frank is so she shoots him dead. She goes out to her motorcycle, for which she is not really dressed adequately. I mean, she's got boots and a helmet, but other than that she's got a trench coat over lingerie.

The next scene is in a fancy new nightclub. It's Oliver's new place! They finally turned the warehouse into a club. Entirely between episodes! McKenna and Oliver are excited that Steve Aoki is going to DJ, so now I have to find out who Steve Aoki is. The Internet reports that he's Devon Aoki's brother! Also he's a DJ of some sort, which I guess the show already told us. Also, his father invented Benihana. Now you know as much as I do. Oliver asks McKenna to be his date to the club opening, and she kisses him.

A cafe somewhere. This episode is popping with new sets! Normally, they'd be at Big Belly Burger any time a character needed to eat something. Detective Lance is meeting his daughter Laurel there and he apologizes for using her to try to catch the archer. And Laurel also apologizes -- because she brought her mother Dinah! It's Alex Kingston! And she believes Sarah Lance is still alive! If you don't remember that Sarah Lance supposedly died in the shipwreck, you should really just go back and get caught up on the whole series. There's only so much hand-holding I'm prepared to do here. Detective Lance is thrown by Dinah's appearance. She's got a chart of all of the deserted islands in the area of Oliver's island. And she also has a picture that "a tourist" took of someone that looks just like Sarah. She insists that their daughter is a survivor. Isn't it a little mean to call Sarah "our daughter" when Laurel's right there? Detective Lance insists that Sarah's dead. And then he leaves. I want to know what tourist took this picture and where it was taken.

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