The Promise

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The Return of Slade
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This episode had a three-minute trailer. How often does an episode in the middle of the season get special promotion? It's not even sweeps!

So let's see if this episode lives up to the slight amount of hype it received. Oliver isn't good at pretending not to know who Slade is, although the way he's gritting his teeth and growling his dialogue could easily be confused for just being the way he talks to his mother these days anyway. Slade's excuse for being here is that he donated to Moira's campaign because she's "pro-business." I wouldn't think a billionaire would need a lot of campaign donations just to run for mayor. She's also got the backing of the city's largest bank. Moira and Slade were discussing ways to fix the wage gap when Oliver walked in, even though that's never come up on the show before. And it seems more like something Sebastian Blood would be worried about, rather than the billionaire "pro-business" candidate. Slade talks about "how difficult it is to pick yourself back up when others have written you off." Oliver is just vibrating with unhappiness. A servant who doesn't get to appear on screen brings in a cart with some "Ruether Rum" on it. We don't know what that is, but Slade makes a big deal out of it being Australian. Oliver eyeballs the pile of ice on the cart, which has a convenient icepick. Slade offers a toast to friendship and looks Oliver in the eyes. Just one eye at a time, however, because Slade has that eye patch. He walks over to a model ship and asks if the Queens spend much time on the water. Moira carefully reminds him of that shipwreck that killed Robert and tore the family apart. Oliver claims he doesn't like talking about the shipwreck or his time on the island.

Hey! It's a flashback to that very island! Oliver is running around and shooting arrows into trees. He's not quite hitting the bull's-eye, though. He's also doing pull-ups with some difficulty. But as he continues to run and jump, he starts getting better at everything and he's soon hitting the bulls eye every time. Slade's there to compliment him, but Oliver is pretty hard on himself, saying the trees are stationary. It's nice to see him actually learning things on the island. Eventually, he's going to have to build himself one of those salmon ladder things.

In the plane hideout, Slade and Oliver go over Ivo's capabilities. They know he has grenade launchers, but probably not night-vision goggles. Sara is mixing up something that tastes awful that she promises will work. But we don't learn what it does right away so it can be a surprise later. Remember this scene and promise to be surprised later. She and Oliver sneak out of the plane so Oliver can speculate about Mirakuru being a miracle drug that could save humanity. They're only five feet from the plane, so Slade can hear everything. They all agree to destroy the Mirakuru to keep it out of Ivo's hands. So we see the box in the middle of a bonfire. That can't be safe, can it? If you have a dangerous and unstable drug, I feel like burning it and inhaling the smoke might have unexpected side effects.

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