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We open on Q Consolidated at night. There's lightning in the skies. And we're in a warehouse that's actually being used for something for a change. Two security guards are drawn to a large door, which gets knocked down by something that must be very strong indeed. They're quickly disposed of by whoever (or whatever) broke in. We only see boots, so it's anyone's guess which plot strand is being developed here. I'm going to guess that it's Cyrus, who's all hopped up on whatever concoction Brother Blood has made.

Oliver walks Moira into the CEO's office, and Felicity welcomes her awkwardly. The Queens pass through and join a board meeting that's already in progress. We never see the beginnings of meetings on this show. People are always breezing into them partway through, messing up the agenda. Isabel Rochev is running things, and she's not happy to see Moira back in the building. She takes a moment to talk to Oliver privately, so she can insist that letting Moira run things again sends a bad message. Because she was acquitted by a jury, not "the community." Diggle comes in to tell Oliver about the break-in.

Elsewhere! Somebody gets out of a train in the rain, covering his head with a magazine called "Science Showcase" that has a cover story worrying about whether the Particle Accelerator will be safe. People sure talk about particle accelerators a lot on this show.

Enough of this mysterious person. To the warehouse! Diggle claims that the door was made out of "expanded reinforced titanium," although it looked a lot like corrugated steel to me. Officer Lance speculates that maybe it was knocked down by a forklift or something.

The guy in the rain gets splashed by a taxi.

Officer Lance asks Oliver what the intruder (or intruders) might have been looking for. Oliver isn't amused by Lance's suggestion that there might have been an extra earthquake machine around the place. A warehouse worker has security footage, and it has only one person. A twitchy guy comes over to announce that he's here. He's Barry Allen, of the Central City CSI. He's working a case with similar elements. He believes one very strong person ripped through that door. And he has a picture of a dead guard showing that his neck was broken with one hand. And he thinks the thing that was stolen was a specific industrial centrifuge. It was ripped out of the ground over here. Felicity explains a centrifuge and then gets swoony about Barry also knowing science things. Barry shows everyone that there are footsteps leading to the door. Footsteps that have sunk into the concrete because someone was carrying something incredibly heavy.

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