The Undertaking

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Very Nearly Endgame
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In the opening narration, when Oliver says, "To do this, I must become something else," doesn't he mean that he's already become that thing? He's been a gritty-voiced, steely-eyed vigilante since the show started. Or maybe he's admitting that just arrowing people isn't going to get the job done, so he needs to become something more, which is what I'm hoping happens. This show has a lot of good elements, but I need a little more from the hero. Like heroism.

Someone weaselly is going to fly to Cayman Fidelity to make a special deposit for a special client. I love how the villains on this show always talk in ambiguous terms even when they're surrounded by their cronies. He sends his two guards to check the elevator. Oliver drops down behind them and pummels them into unconsciousness. Good guarding, guys. Oliver turns to the weasel: "Harold Bachman! You have failed this city!" Harold is an accountant, and Oliver spits a little when he rails about the destruction of innocent lives. Then he pops him in the face and steals his laptop.

Arrowlair. Felicity thinks they should give the laptop to the IRS, but Oliver wants her to give the money back to the victims first. Every rich person in Starling City got rich by stealing money directly from individual victims. Well, except the Queens and the Merlyns, I guess. Felicity says there's a problem: "Bachman's files are all protected with an asymmetric encryption algorithm." That might or might not mean anything. He didn't have the sense to have a password, so I'm guessing the rest of the security isn't going to be too complicated. This will take Felicity take a few days, so Oliver feels the need to be a jerk about how she'd better get started right away. She asks when he's going to make up with Diggle. Oliver claims he did everything he could to keep him, which is a lie. Felicity calls him on it. He didn't even apologize! Oliver did nothing at all to keep Diggle around.

Moira is on the phone demanding that insurance people keep looking for Walter. Remember Walter? The insurance people want to pay out his life insurance policy, and she won't let them. Thea soothes her. Even though I know Moira is a billionaire who lives in a castle, I'm impressed with how rich you have to be to be in the position of trying to convince an insurance company not to pay you.

Flashback! And not on the island! Instead, this is Moira welcoming Malcolm into her home. In the past! They chat about their kids (both of whom are still wastrels because this is five years ago) and go into a room where there's clearly an important meeting. Malcolm kids Robert Queen about the length of the driveway. Moira's friend Frank is also there. That's the Frank who helped Moira put a hit out on Malcolm, not Frank Bertinelli. Walter is at the door with some paperwork for Robert, and Moira has him wait in the study. So Walter is not part of the secret group.

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