Three Ghosts

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Birth of a Hero
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This episode is called "Three Ghosts," so I can only assume it's going to be a version of "A Christmas Carol" where Oliver learns the true meaning of Christmas. SPOILER: That is not the case.

As you might remember from the end of the last episode, Oliver is dying after being injected by a mysterious substance. Diggle and Felicity have kidnapped Barry Allen and brought him to the Arrowlair so he can figure out what to do. Machines start beeping a lot and Barry has Diggle start chest compressions, possibly because Diggle is a big, muscular dude who should be good at that sort of thing. Barry decides that Oliver's problem is that his blood is hyper-coagulated, so it's like he has maple syrup in his veins. He grabs some convenient rat poison, which worries Diggle. Barry claims that if he injects just enough rat poison, it'll thin out his blood enough to get it circulating again. I'm not sure how the rat poison is supposed to thin out his blood if the blood isn't circulating enough to get the rat poison throughout your system.

Oh! I just thought of a joke! "It makes sense that Oliver's blood is turning to maple syrup because Stephen Amell is such a wooden actor." Ha! I zinged him good! Anyway, Oliver sees a vision of Shado and reaches his hand out to her.

Later, Barry carefully takes a bandage from Oliver's neck. Then Oliver regains consciousness and grabs Barry around the throat, as you naturally do when you wake up. Everyone explains to Oliver that Barry saved his life, but he just whines about Barry being told about his secret identity. He even says he's considering murdering Barry with an arrow. Our hero, everybody! I like this show, but it has trouble with the dividing line between "intense" and "horrible jerk" sometimes. Like right now. Oliver yells about how he researched Felicity and Diggle before letting them in on his secret life, and Barry interrupts to say that he should really be thanking Felicity, not shouting at her. Oliver doesn't quite punch him. Then he gets a text from his mother so he has to go home. He tells the team (which I guess counts Barry) to start researching the bad guy, because he's probably about to start mass-producing the drug that gives superpowers. Barry claims that the bandage he took off Oliver's neck is going to magically recreate the superpowered thief's fingerprints. You know, with polymers. Oliver nods a little, and then he leaves. He's still wearing his Arrow gear.

But when Oliver gets home, he's properly clothed. Moira says Thea is locked in her room and won't talk to anyone. There's a Christmas tree in the room, and Oliver is surprised that it's Christmas. Everyone on this show watches local news all the time; so I guess he's just really good at tuning out the commercials. And the reports on Black Friday.

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