Time of Death

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Laurel Gets Over It
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Previously on Arrow: Nothing for a few weeks because The CW was afraid of scheduling up against the Olympics. If you really want to know what happened before this episode, I advise you to go read the recaps I have lovingly crafted for your enjoyment.

A suit-wearing man wearing a Bluetooth earpiece walks into a lobby of an office building. He's receiving instructions from a mysterious man in front of six computer screens. To save time, I'm just going to call him the Clock King. Normally I like wait until the show gives a character a name, but that takes forever in this episode. Clock King, incidentally, is played by Robert Knepper, who was T-Bag on Prison Break. I like him! Clock King tells the man that security will change in six seconds, and he's sent into an elevator along with another guy who also seems to be taking instruction via an earpiece. They swap briefcases while Clock King says things like "Timing is everything."

When they get out of the elevator, they're wearing jumpsuits to look like janitors. They walk down the hall as Clock King tells them, "maintain a pace of 1.3 meters per second." That's admirably specific, but it's not helpful. No one can follow that instruction. And he's making it sound like he's timed the entire thing ahead of time, but, again, he's watching everything via security cameras. So instead of just knowing that someone will come around the corner in two seconds, he can see it happening. His minions beat up some employees and steal a Kord Enterprises briefcase. Then he sends them down a staircase. He says to wait for five seconds, but they get impatient. It seems like working for the Clock King would require the ability to stand still for an arbitrary number of seconds, but they decide they don't trust him, so they immediately run into a security guard, who they shoot. Now there are alarms and the whole operation has generally gone kerflooey. Clock King checks one of his many watches and tells them, "Exit the east lobby in 22 seconds."

They run out the door and immediately get into a shootout with the cops, which include Quentin Lance. No one gets hit, so the minions run away and escape through a crowd of picketers. Quentin gives chase but just finds a discarded jumpsuit, suggesting that the minions vanished into the convenient crowd. Not a perfect mission, but I guess they got away.

In the Arrowlair, Oliver and Diggle fight Sara with bo staffs. Diggle and Oliver are shirtless, and Sara is in a bra. The practice ends when Diggle clocks her across the forehead. Good for him! I worry that Diggle is losing his place on the team, since both Oliver and Sara are better at fighting than him. And Roy is still out there with super-strength, although he's not doing much with it. Felicity walks up and looks sad and left out while they all compare scars. Sara calls her cute for trying to participate with her story of losing her wisdom teeth. That's literally her only scar? I feel like I've led a pretty quiet life, but I've at least got the remnant of a sledding accident I could tell you about. Oliver is throwing Sara a "Welcome back" party tonight, even though Laurel is still angry at her for not being dead. Sara and Oliver decide they shouldn't tell anyone they're hooking up, possibly because they just enjoy lying to their friends and family so much.

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