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Tiger Claws
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Somebody enters prison for holding up the convenience store across the street from the police station. It's convenient that police always tell each other the backstories of every new inmate, otherwise we wouldn't know that. He sets off the metal detector with his "bum knee" and is let into a cell with someone named Ben Turner. It's Michael Jai White, which means this is the Bronze Tiger. You know, the guy with the hand-claws? Used to work with China White? The new prisoner tells Mr. Turner to be at a rooftop at Redwood and Larkspur at midnight. BT (I'm calling him that for both "Ben Turner" and "Bronze Tiger" and because it's shorter) points out that he's clearly in jail, so he might not be available for appointments. The new prisoner explains that he's here so his son will get paid. Then he rips open his own forearm, where a knife has been hidden. He cuts some brass knuckles out of his chest. It wasn't a bum knee after all! When the guard gets there, he asks BT what he did. But he doesn't pay enough attention to keep BT from cutting his throat with his cool Bronze Tiger claws. And then, I guess, he kills his way all the way out of the prison.

In a warehouse somewhere, Oliver (as The Arrow) is making Roy slap water, because it's "how an archer builds arm strength." That's dumb as hell. It was dumb in the first season and it's even dumber now that Oliver's back in civilization and could just bring in expensive exercise machines that could work out Roy's lats. Roy points out that he has plenty of arm strength, so it doesn't even make sense on a theoretical level. Then Oliver lectures him about controlling his strength, which is not a thing that Oliver's ever been shown to be an expert in. He seems to think that the training regimen that worked on him on the island will be perfect for Roy, but their situations are completely different. He starts to talk about Mirakuru and his old friend, but he won't go into any detail, and Roy doesn't know what he's talking about. Except that Oliver is willing to say this: "I had to put an arrow through his eye." It would be very touching if we hadn't already seen Slade in the current timeline. He's not dead; he's just wearing an eyepatch.

Flashback Island. Oliver and Sara walk through the jungle, which seems like one of the main things that people on the island do. Oliver has a doohickey that suggests that Slade is back at the cave. And Oliver's still whining because he blames himself for Ivo killing Shado, but that's just to remind the audience. The doohickey runs out of battery power, but Oliver knows where the cave is anyway. That doohickey was not an entirely successful plot device.

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