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An armored truck rolls down the road. The black driver objects to the rap music his non-black coworker is playing, because that subverts your expectations, you racist. They're forced to pull over to the side of the road when a black SUV pulls in front of it. And then some bad guys with guns blast some tear gas into the cab. The guards get killed and the loot in the back of the car gets taken. I'm kind of surprised a grenade launcher will so easily send a grenade through the windshield of an armored car. I guess I always thought those windshields were bulletproof. Although I don't really have any proof that grenades can't go through bulletproof glass.

Enough of them. At Castle Queen, there are much more important things to worry about: Thea complains that she's not getting a car when she turns 18. It sounds a little entitled, but I kind of think that she should get a car. These people are billionaires who live in a castle -- they can scrape up the money. And Oliver apparently got one, which he's cheerfully unrepentant about. Thea and Moira leave as Tommy arrives. The ubiquitous television news (I didn't mention that it was on in the background, because seriously: ubiquitous) reveals that there were two other armored car robberies. Tommy comments that this is why you should keep your money offshore. This is how the show imagines that billionaires talk to each other. I guess they might. I wouldn't really know.

Off to the Arrowlair, where Oliver is doing one-arm push-ups. Diggle suggests a side entrance for the Arrowlair, what with the nightclub being put in upstairs. Then they move on to the issue of the armored car. Oliver has traffic camera footage of the heist and explains that it's the same technique as a time some Marines took out a Taliban vehicle. And those Marines included Ted Gaynor, who is now head of the Blackhawk Squad Protection Group. And there's a twist: Ted was Diggle's commanding officer in the military! And there's another twist: he's on the List! Diggle insists that he's not a stickup man. He even offered Diggle a job with Blackhawk, which proves (he says) that Ted's a good guy. But Oliver says he specialized in the weapons that were used in the heist. Diggle says that maybe the List is wrong (even though last week he was all about complaining until Oliver got back to the List), and Oliver says it's never wrong. He's going to go lean on Ted Gaynor!

Back to Flashback Island. Oliver is suited up with the Ninja Soldier's gear. You remember the Ninja Soldier, right? He fell on a rock and died. He even has the sense to pull on the ski mask when he goes up to a tent with other soldiers and gets in line for chow. Somebody is surprisingly friendly and offers him a ride over to the main camp. They set down their trays of gross food and get into a jeep. But before they can go, the general shows up and gets in. That's Edward Fyers, the guy who's in charge of all these ninja soldiers.

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