Unfinished Business

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The Revenge of Count Vertigo
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The previouslies reveal that we'll be revisiting Count Vertigo, who we last saw as he was being dragged away, babbling incoherently. Also there might be some Deadshot. I realize they need to reestablish characters, but when a show only mentions a character once every four episodes, it kind of gives away what's going to happen. Why not mix it up a bit? Have a previously with no relevance at all, just to remind us that Thea and Roy still exist.

Okay, on with the show. We start in Club Verdant, which has a lot of people raving it up. I feel like the existence of Club Verdant is going to wreck this show's delicate balance between "episodes with club music" and "episodes with a charity gala." Everyone at this club seems really interested in waving their hands in the air, but it's not clear whether they just don't care. We zoom in on one woman, who's looking at their hands with an odd intensity. And she's still waving her hands around as she wanders into traffic and gets hit. She doesn't get hit right away; cars zip past her on either side for a while first. Maybe somebody could have stopped and helped her?

Inside the club, Tommy and Oliver gloat about how much money they're making. Oliver's already a billionaire, so this probably isn't moving the needle all that much. And their Lost and Found basket has lingerie in it. Guys, you do not want to handle underwear worn by the sort of person who loses her underwear at a club. Detective Quentin Lance comes in to tell them about the woman who got ran over. Incidentally, I'm going to start calling him "Quentin" because "Detective Lance" takes too long to type, and there are a lot of people named "Lance" on the show.

Now, back to the plot: the dead woman had a wristband from Club Verdant and capsules of Vertigo on her, so Quentin is curious if the drugs were sold at the club. Oliver says they don't allow drugs and Quentin doesn't seem to buy it. When he leaves, Oliver asks Tommy for a list of the employees so he can have Felicity check them for a drug record. Either this is the sort of thing that should have happened as part of a usual HR screen, or Oliver is going to violate their rights. Could be both, I guess. Tommy reminds him that the two of them have records as well. Oliver goes to his secret Arrowlair door (which isn't disguised as well as I'd like) and Tommy asks whether the vigilante finished off Count Vertigo. Oliver says he did. He's regretting not murdering him, I bet. Every night, he goes to sleep filled with remorse about every murder he didn't commit when he had the chance.

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